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Well-Being Overwhelm

Well-being; the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

If you’re anything like me your Inbox, your Facebook & Instagram Feeds are full of inspirational people telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing for our well-being. The next best thing you should be doing for your self-care, what you should be eating, how you should be exercising.

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My Health – Part 2 : Family History & Screening

We have a strong history of Breast Cancer in our family on my mothers side – sisters, aunties, cousins, you name it. My mothers cousins who were brother and sister had breast cancer at the same time – how crazy is that! Not only were they going through it at the same time, but now we had male breast cancer in the family – I had never heard of this before, and actually haven’t since.

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My Health – Part 1 : Mum**

**we never called her mum. Being from the North East of England she was “our mam”. she always thought mum sounded posh and insisted on signing birthday cards “love from mum & dad” even though we never called her that! Here, I will make her sound a bit posh 🙂

I feel like I need to start at the beginning with this one. When I was 13 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was 42. She had a lump removed from her breast and lymph nodes taken from her underarm.

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Sharing my Health Journey …

Okay so here I am sharing something on the internet that I thought I never would! Since the Whole30 Coaching Summit I have been thinking about how I can show up and help people more in addition to my Whole30 Coaching.⠀In the past I have touched on eating for my health but I have never actually shared what is going on with my health and the journey that I have been on and continue to be on. ⠀

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Free Travel, Free Upgrades …

I’ve just finished a flight from Auckland to San Fran where I traveled Business Class for the price of Economy.

I shared this on Instagram a month ago but feel life it deserves a dedicated spot on the world wide web!

The free flights, the upgrades, the lounge access, the priority travel all comes with being a smart spender (just made that term up, let’s run with it)⠀

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I see you …

At the Whole30 Coaching Summit, the very first workshop around Diversity & Inclusion was facilitated by Erika Hart, not only just learning about it but opening up dialogue and understanding of racial & social justice and what it actually means. The workshop was incredible, such an eye opener and it certainly deserves its own blog post. Here I’d like to share the first exercise of that workshop.

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Finding your Whole30 Coach

All of the Whole30 Certified Coaches are passionate about the programme and we all have our own stories of how the Whole30 changed our lives!

We have completed more than three Whole30’s and have prior experience coaching people through the program.

We have all passed a robust Whole30 Exam (of which 46% fail at the first attempt, it’s that tough!).  We have been tested on our communication skills, demonstrated an understanding of the Whole30 community and have been Interviewed by Whole30 co-creator Melissa Hartwig-Urban prior to being certified by Whole30 HQ so you can rest assured that we know our stuff.

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