::: What you get :::

  • High Impact Accountability to make sure you do what you said you would
  • Private Facebook Group for access to unlimited coaching
  • Lifetime Access to trainings so you can listen back for inspiration anytime
  • Rise & Shine Strategy, I will share with you my personal day by day, week by week routine to ensure you continue to rise & shine long after the initial motivation has passed
  • Identify & set goals in key areas of your life which are inline with your highest values ensuring you are living a fulfilled life
  • Learn how to Manage your Emotions and wake up feeling excited & motivated with enough energy to live a life full of PURPOSE!

::: How it works :::

  • Pre-Work ::: Visulisation exercise & creating leverage to make sure you actually do the work
  • Week 1 | Focussed Attention ::: How to overhaul your mindset putting you in charge of your emotions with simple and powerful techniques
  • Week 2 |Electric Energy ::: How to create AND protect your energy & motivation
  • Week 3 | Power & Purpose ::: How to create a powerful & purposeful life that lights you up
  • Week 4 | Beliefs & Breakthrough ::: How to transform your beliefs & mindset to live the life of your dreams

::: PLUS :::

  • Weekly Q&A where you can ask questions & get coached