My Favourites …

Sunrise Alarm Clock ☀️

In an attempt to remove my phone completely from the bedroom (work in progress!) I needed an alarm clock. I found this beauty and have been using it for a few months and love it!

The light starts dim and gets brighter to wake you up, once the light has been on a while (if you don’t hit snooze) then it has the option to play birds singing … such a great non intrusive way to wake up in the morning.

All settings are fully customisable so you can set it to what you prefer.

Another great feature is it has two alarm presets. I use these for workout days and non workout days when I am getting up at different times.

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Five Minute Journal 📝

I’ve never been one for journalling, didn’t make the time, never found the right one … all the excuses!

That was until I found this one! I thought if I haven’t got 5 minutes then I am clearly doing life wrong. Five minutes a day is all it takes; a few minutes on a morning and a couple on an evening.

I like that this journal has prompts, it takes the guess work out of what you should be writing, it is short, sharp and to the point.

Another thing that I love about this one is the date area is blank for you to fill in each day, so if you miss a day it is not glaringly obvious … you just pick it back up and go again.

I particularly enjoy listing the 3 things I am grateful for each day and the affirmation … basically giving me a concious choice of how I want to show up today.

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Eye Masks!

These have become a daily ritual of mine and I can often be found sporting them during my morning Instagram Stories.

I drive to the gym in them, walk Scooter in them (I have no shame!) and wear them while drinking my morning coffee concoction.

They have helped keep the fine lines minimised and keeps the skin so lush and hydrated … such a treat 💖

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