Food Freedom Coaching …

Food Freedom Coaching is for you if you have completed, or are currently completing, a Whole30 reset and would like ad-hoc Coaching calls as and when you feel you need them.  You decide how often, or you can book in a regular check-in to discuss how to navigate your Food Freedom successfully.  You may need accountability, advice, work on a mindset shift, tips and tricks to truly gain long term success.

Food Freedom Coaching is a one on one video call to ensure we can address and work through what Food Freedom looks like for you personally to set you up for absolute success.

::: What you get :::

30 min Video Call so we can discuss your Food Freedom in depth

One on One Coaching at your own pace so you can decide how often you need the coaching

Help with overcoming Food Freedom challenges so you are confident through your initial Food Freedom experience

Customised strategies specifically for your Food Freedom to make sure you continue to be successful in your journey

Check in on the call so you have accountability moving forward

30min Adhoc Food Freedom

Existing Clients : $50 NZ$

New Clients : $65 NZ$