Sharing my Health Journey …

Okay so here I am sharing something on the internet that I thought I never would! Since the Whole30 Coaching Summit I have been thinking about how I can show up and help people more in addition to my Whole30 Coaching.⠀In the past I have touched on eating for my health but I have never actually shared what is going on with my health and the journey that I have been on and continue to be on. ⠀

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Finding your Whole30 Coach

All of the Whole30 Certified Coaches are passionate about the programme and we all have our own stories of how the Whole30 changed our lives!

We have completed more than three Whole30’s and have prior experience coaching people through the program.

We have all passed a robust Whole30 Exam (of which 46% fail at the first attempt, it’s that tough!).  We have been tested on our communication skills, demonstrated an understanding of the Whole30 community and have been Interviewed by Whole30 co-creator Melissa Hartwig-Urban prior to being certified by Whole30 HQ so you can rest assured that we know our stuff.

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