About Me …

Hey, I’m Helen … I am a virtual coach, educator in mindset & confidence, action taker and Whole30 certified coach with big dreams.

I love corn chips, shaken margaritas (no salt, no sugar) and I love to travel.

I am an English girl living in New Zealand.  I have my best ideas when I’m driving so you’ll often find me in a random car park recording Instagram stories.
When I’m not in my car I’ll be in my office with a cup of cold coffee with collagen & coconut cream on my desk after having all the good intentions of drinking it while it’s hot.

I am a dog mum to Scooter (11yrs) and I’m married to my number one, Gary both pictured here … we also have another fluffy /Tasmanian devil addition to the family – Disco (10mth old Bichon / Toy Poodle)

What I do …

I offer a variety of coaching from Mindset & Confidence to Whole30 Coaching and helping people change their health, habits and relationship with food … forever.

I am a practical coach, my focus is on giving you the tools to make sustainable changes long term.

I also work for Europlan Ltd where I create workspaces that perform, I facilitate leadership & user group workshops to help businesses change their culture, work styles and design a more people-centric space focusing on increasing productivity and wellness.

I love helping people.  Whether that be helping people to navigate life, solving problems, offering perspective, overcoming their challenges, succeeding in their business, changing their health, habits and relationship with food long term … I just love seeing my clients succeed!

Check out my Blog Posts to read about my Health Journey