Free Travel, Free Upgrades …

I’ve just finished a flight from Auckland to San Fran where I traveled Business Class for the price of Economy.

I shared this on Instagram a month ago but feel life it deserves a dedicated spot on the world wide web!

The free flights, the upgrades, the lounge access, the priority travel all comes with being a smart spender (just made that term up, let’s run with it)⠀

I wanted to share some tips about how we get free flights, access to airline lounges (along with up to 5 guests), upgrades, priority luggage, priority check in, additional free luggage, valet parking, etc and all the other good stuff that comes from travelling with Elite status.

We researched all credit cards that are linked to an Airpoints system and worked out the best deal. From there we put e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on the credit card … I mean everything, even something that costs $1 up to $15,000 … EVERYTHING!⠀⠀
We’ve put things to do with our renovations on the credit card … just anything! As you spend ask yourself ‘can this go on the card’ ⠀⠀
Every $75 dollar we spend we get $1 in Airpoints $ back, in addition we get Status Points
Airpoints dollars get you flights and money to spend.⠀
Status points move you up through the tier system for lounge access and all the priority goodness to travel like the King or Queen that you are!
All of our outgoings go via the card so every time we spend, we earn.

Essential tips to make it work FOR YOU⠀…

  1. You need to pay your credit card off in FULL at the end of the month, no interest, no charges only good things will come
  2. To get the best deal there you could be in for annual card charges, ours is worth paying as we get that charge back tenfold with higher Airpoints $ per spend so this is worth working out.⠀⠀

We’ve had so many free flights around the New Zealand, to Australia, to Rarotonga, USA, Upgrades to Business Class all for spending money on what we would be anyway ✈️☀️🌴⠀⠀

Comment below and let me know some of your best travel tips 🚀