Finding your Whole30 Coach

All of the Whole30 Certified Coaches are passionate about the programme and we all have our own stories of how the Whole30 changed our lives!

We have completed more than three Whole30’s and have prior experience coaching people through the program.

We have all passed a robust Whole30 Exam (of which 46% fail at the first attempt, it’s that tough!).  We have been tested on our communication skills, demonstrated an understanding of the Whole30 community and have been Interviewed by Whole30 co-creator Melissa Hartwig-Urban prior to being certified by Whole30 HQ so you can rest assured that we know our stuff.

With that said it can be hard to choose a Coach so here are 6 tips that can help:

Tip One

You can head to the Whole30 Coaching website and meet all of the Coaches there 

Tip Two

You can follow Coaches on Instagram and Facebook to get to know them

Tip Three

Most Coaches offer a no obligation video Discovery Meeting so you can virtually meet your perspective Coach and get to know each other.  This enables you to discuss any specific needs and make sure the Coach is the right fit for you

Tip Four

Whole30 Coaching is usually a conversation based service that does not require you to be in the physical presence of the Coach but if you would like to meet your Coach in person you can filter the Whole30 Coaching website by location (just double check they offer that service).  

There are many Coaches offering Virtual Coaching around the world, which can save you time, you can be in the comfort of your own home (check out that they offer this service)

Tip Five

Think about your Whole30 needs, do you need One on One Coaching or would you prefer a Group?  Are you already living Food Freedom but just need a one off call every now and then or accountability during a mini reset?  There are many Coaching options available so feel free to enquire with your short list of Coaches

Tip Six

Hiring a Whole30 Certified Coach is an investment in yourself for your future success but you don’t want to break the bank!  Enquire about fees with your prospective Coach, they will be more than happy to share Coaching options at different price points so you can work within your means