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Resources for Inspiration and Further Investigation

These have been, and continue to be, some of my favorite companions on my own journey:

Books/Authors :


www.animas.org - Professionally guided nature based programs for the deep exploration of the soul.

www.getrolfing.com - Have you ever tried Rolfing? This transformational bodywork changed my life. Then I gave the gift of Rolfing to my partner and husband, and he was so impressed with the work that he became a Rolfer! Check out this informative site.

www.jackjohnsonmusic.com - Father, surfer, filmmaker and musician who has seemingly followed his own path along the way, leading him to worldwide recognition and fame.

www.roomtobreathe.us - Does your environment reflect who you are? Professional home and office organization gives you room to breathe.

www.soundstrue.com - A full range of audios, books and tools for the inner life.

www.thecoaches.com - The Coaches Training Institute, the nationally accredited worldwide training program, which teaches the Co-Active coaching model.

Poets for Inspiration:

Having trouble hearing your inner voice? Curl up with any of these poets, and prepare to receive a heart-full message!

  • Jelaluddin Rumi
  • Hafiz
  • Mary Oliver
  • David Whyte
  • Rainer Maria Rilke

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“Everyone wants to
find a way to
happiness. And the
way to happiness is waking up to what really is true. Until
we question what we believe, we’re blind
to it.”
– Byron Katie