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Where are you tired of going it alone?  
Where might it serve you to lean into the strength of another?
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3-month Gift Certificates are available for a MULTI-TASKING woman on your list!
She may be a mother, an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a mid-level executive.  
And you may have heard her recently wonder:
  • How am I ever going to reach my goals?
  • What do I even want?
  • How do I manage this new circumstance?
Give the gift that gives women the creative tools to answer these questions and create a fresh New Year with exciting opportunties!
"Action is the antidote to despair."
-Joan Baez 

Whew! The winter solstice is almost here.  This season of increasing darkness never fails to surprise me in it's ability to provide challenge in one form or another. 
As the days shorten to negligible lengths of daylight, so do my inner reserves.  A few days ago I realized it was time to reach into my bag o' tricks that I've been lucky enough to gather in my years of self-exploration so as not to stay in a dark place inside.
The shift to a lighter awareness occurs when I engage in the lives of others while tending my own light within.  It happens when I fan the fires of my own passion and dare to bring more of that out into the world around me.
This December it took the full arsenal: daily meditation, time outside with my dog (despite the bitter temperatures), quality time with my loved ones, exercise, massage, hot baths, candlelight, daily doses of a light box and (gasp!) asking for help from friends and family who were willing to provide it.
Asking for help has been difficult to learn when I first was taught that a strong person does for herself.  Yet, I know now, it takes much more of strength to ask for help from another then it does to sit in the comfort and familiarity of despair.
If dark days loom over you, dare to lean on another and don't be surprised when you find more of your own strength in the process!  And, as the daylight increases, go out and pay it forward with your recharged self!
In loving action, Stephanie

   Body-Centered Leadership 
Connecting to your Source of Power 
Join us for a workshop to explore the common myths and archetypes of current feminine leadership styles.  Whether you are leading a team of professionals or a family, how you show up as a leader makes all the difference between frustration and success.  We will show you that the key to your confidence and strength as a leader is in your body.
Come for an afternoon of experiential activities designed to provide inner exploration and reflection and leave with a renewed sense of empowerment and aliveness - all from within! 
Sunday, January 18, 2-6 PM
Movement Arts Studio
State College, PA
Cost: $95
Presented by: Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC and Monique Svazlian, NYC based Coach with guest percussionists, Carol Lindsay and triHands.
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Offer Expires: January 31, 2009
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Please call 814-880-7319 for details and to discuss possible themes. 
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