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Happy Independence Day! 
This weekend, as you enjoy the reprieve of the US summer holiday, take a moment to ask yourself what does independence mean to you? Does it have to do with finding independence from the many roles you play or is it about how you decide to navigate on a daily basis?  Also, what role does independence play in your leadership abilities?   
Email me with your thoughts!  I'd love to hear what you discover for yourself, and enjoy the bloom this summer!  Stephanie  
"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - but in being able to remake ourselves."
- Mahatma Gandhi
your self:: Renewal
With the fast pace of today's culture, it is essential to build some renewal into your days.  And, if you're like most people who have yet to build rejuvenating acts into their every day, the first thing you may be thinking is "my life is too busy already - where will I find the time?" If you're like many women, you also might be caught up in the false belief that after you've given everything you've got to everyone else around you, THEN you'll make time for yourself.  If that's you, I have one question for you: How often does that time actually come around?
Take a lesson from the Earth: without having to struggle at it, life is constantly shifting, renewing and refreshing herself in the simplest of acts - the sprouting of a new leaf; the filling of a dry creek bed, the re-growth of the arm of a starfish.  What evidence can you find for yourself in this natural truth? 
Take, for example, the feeling you may have after lighting a candle or taking a walk.  These are simple acts, but there is a sense of starting over and beginning anew in both circumstances.  Renewal is essential each day, especially after experiencing a negative situation or environment.  Negative co-workers, partner's or peers can turn a perfectly lovely day into a bitter pill without consciously changing your perspective.  Take the time to keep a list on-hand of your favorite restorative actions, and instead of reaching for your cell phone, or checking your email for the 50th time, indulge yourself with one of your most cherished activities.  Your responsibilities will wait, and the perspective shift is delicious. 
your community::
-Because it doesn't need to be lonely at the top!
Bring your challenges, your successes and your BIG self 
 This value-packed tele-group is for leaders who want to: womanmeditating
  • increase personal and professional effectiveness
  • create more fulfillment at work and at home
  • increase confidence
  • incorporate more self-care


Once a month this group will focus on a woman-specific topic on the challenges in the workplace and the process of work/life balance.  Every woman will have the opportunity to both give and receive of themselves and their truths.  Join us for a power-packed mid-day event and turn your greatest challenges into wins! *

July: Is it time to call it quits or dig deep on a project or a position?   Bring your recent challenge around quitting and we'll explore the concepts of failure and success.  
Benefit from other women on the leadership journey!
  learn more...
*Group size is limited.  Contact Stephanie if you are interested in participating. 
your work::  Remember how to PLAY
This past week, while watching my daughter try out for the traveling soccer team, a realization hit me. We only have to play to succeed at what we love.     
The girls that will be awarded a spot on the team created a feeling of magic on the field.  They moved with a natural grace and a sixth sense for the game. What struck me is that these girls are not the ones that are necessarily good at following rules or listening to their coach's instructions about the current drill (although that too might also be the case), but the essential component of the ease and success they experience while on the field comes from an inherent LOVE of the game.  The secret of these successful soccer divas is that they PLAY the game rather than WORK at it!    
How can you find this to be true in your own life?  What, if anything, are you currently over-working in order to "make the team"?  Is it time for a priority tune-up?  Ask yourself what you truly love, and follow that thought to inspect how you are currently spending your time.  What in your life could benefit from an infusion of play instead of more work?
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Bloom from Within  


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Water the seeds you wish to BLOOM,

Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC
The Whole Life Coach
growing leaders organically
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