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Spring 2008

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 Whole Life Coach imageGreetings!

BLOOM.  A new name for your newsletter and a fresh new look. 


My intention is that each issue will contain at least one thought or word that will water the seeds for new or continued growth in your life.  Just as we are nourished by the sunshine and good food, it is equally important to have a steady diet of food for your soul, a place to go in order to rest, recharge and get inspired. Your thoughts and comments regarding what you would like to see in future issues are welcome and encouraged!


This spring holds many opportunities for growth.  Currently, along with individual sessions, I am offering a women's support circle and on April 12, our day-long Radical Transformations program will continue for current as well as new participants.  Also, I'll be presenting Coaching Centered Principles at Work at the Penn State Women's Leadership Conference on April 9 and 10.   Grow on!  Stephanie



Are you a Force of Nature?


yoga sunsetIt is a natural phenomenon that within an individual seed the entire code of the plant it is to become is already present. This doesn't necessarily mean that the seed will survive, or that it will thrive, or what shape it will take.


"There is a hidden seed of greater wholeness in everyone and everything". -Rachel Naomi Remen


There certainly are varying levels of health in any given plant, but anyone who has gardened knows that the fact remains that if you plant a pole bean in the right conditions, you will grow a pole bean plant, not a sweet pea. 


Amazingly enough we tend to forget that we are also subject to the same natural laws as those tiny seeds you plant in your garden.  read the article





Wednesdays, 12-1:30 PM EDT,

The Center for Well Being, Lemont , Pennsylvania


What are you capable of with the support of powerful women?


Find out by participating in this ongoing group centered around:

  • Releasing old patterns and behaviors that have kept you stuck
  • Enhancing your personal effectiveness
  • Creating more fulfillment
  • Releasing your creativity
  • Relearning self-care

woman leaping on beach 



Celebrate being in the company with other women on the journey!    learn more...


Payment Plan



Bloom from Within


What lights you up from inside, and allows you to remember WHO YOU ARE? 

Follow these things as if they are your masters, for they will lead you to the place where you are so full inside, you gifts will spill out all around you. 


When this is happening around each of us, there will be peace.  NAMASTE, Stephanie 


POWER-UP™ your days!



Start each business day

  • with a positive state of mind
  • with a clearly stated intention
  • and fueled by your core values!

Receive the benefits of a certified coach at a fraction of the cost!

Power UP call

The Power-up Call is $79/month for 2o weekday phone calls with a full 30-day





 at NO RISK!  This success formula is simple, yet most people get stuck in day-to-day concerns and distractions, and rarely take the time to do it.  


Are you willing to spend less

than 5 minutes a day to

improve your productivity?


As an ADDED BONUS, you get the proven results of speaking your goals aloud to another human being.  Without this,  the results are usually less than we hope for.


 "Power-Up Calls provide a unique and dependable way to start your day with a focused vision for your day." 

- Dave P., Colorado


"...when I miss getting my Power-Up Call, I forget to set my intentions for the day, and I don't get as much accomplished or have as good a day as when I DO get Powered Up.  It's that simple and effective for me!"  - Bob C., Reno, NV


Power-Up with Stephanie!


Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's in here girl

Whether it's at home or at work, each of us can make choices about how America works.  Take your daughter and son to work on April 24 and help them understand the opportunities they have to create a life and career that will build a better world.


for more information


Water the seeds you wish to BLOOM,

Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC
The Whole Life Coach

growing leaders organically


Learn more about the April 12 Radical Transformations workshop on living your Passions and Values!



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