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September 2007 (814) 880-7319

As the first day of school comes and goes in this area, students of all ages are learning how to navigate new classrooms, new schools, new friends and new routines.

My 7-year old daughter put it this way on the first night of school this week: "I feel like there's a big metal wall between summer and school. The wall is made up of nervousness. I am going to need help to get up and over it. It may take many days." Out of the mouths of babes...

This time of year challenges not just the students, but the teachers, administrators, and parents as well. Young or old, confident or shy, each participant in ths system is also thrown into their own portals of change.

One only needs to think back to that first day of Kindergarten or high school, or the first day of a "real" job after college, or the day your baby goes to Kindergarten or college. All of these moments bring with them their own unique bittersweet mix of excitement and fear.

Therefore, this issue contains something for everyone who is faced with change. My wish for you is that you get the support you need to climb up and over your wall - whatever it is made of - so that you are free to experience the other side.

Love, Stephanie

in this juicy issue
  • Are You in the Game?
  • Mothers in Transition
  • Solutions for the Season of Change
  • Space to STRETCH

  • Mothers in Transition
    group of runners

  • Do you have a sense that something needs to change, but are unsure of what it is?
  • Are you able to anticipate the needs of those around you more easily than your own?
  • Have you promised yourself time "as soon as...(fill in the blank)" but still haven't delivered on your promise?
  • Do you sense that you are running on empty, but can't figure out why or how to change it?
  • Is it hard to remember the last time you had a deep belly laugh?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, Mothers in Transition is for you! Participate in the group that gives you a place to be who you are, stretch into who you are becoming, and create a new tribe with others on the same journey through discussion and experiential activities.

    October 23, 30, November 6 and 13
    Tuesdays, 7-9 pm
    Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health
    301 Shiloh Rd, State College
    Cost: $175

    Register with a friend and you both receive a $20 discount! (mention code # UR2 to redeem discount) Sign up now before other priorities override what you want to do for yourself!

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to claim your full life as a woman, a mother, and a partner while finally achieving the zest in your life that you've been seeking.

    Solutions for the Season of Change
    mountain garden rows

    Fall, the season of change, is unofficially upon us. It is the perfect time to succumb to the whispers of change that have been either seducing you as of late (all depending on your perspective of course). No matter what path you are on, real change requires support!

    Women as Leaders TELECLASS
    for Executives and Visionaries in Leadership begins this month!
    September 20, October 2, 9, 16
    $189/for all four power-packed exploratory sessions.
    Gain your unique balance of achieving success in your role as a leader. Register here...

    Discover how to make a clear choice about what change you are willing to embrace, what promise it holds and how you are willing to engage with it.

    Also - Free Informational talks will be held via telephone on September 20th at 7 PM EST, and in person on October 11th at Nature's Pantry Natural Foods in State College PA. Sign up now for one of these fall opportunities.

    Space to STRETCH
    yoga sunset

    As you move about your day, take time just to be with the quiet part of you. The part of you that is always speaking, but is not always audible. Move away from the noise and the hum of your busy schedule long enough to ask, "What area of my life am I yearning to STRETCH into? What steps do I need to take in order to be flexible enough to do so? Which of those steps am I actually willing to do?"

    A change in the quality of life doesn't happen overnight. It It is perfectly normal and healthy to feel that parts of your life no longer fit, as well as it is perfectly normal to resist that feeling because of the change you know it will bring. The flow of change can sometimes be controlled as you would control a stretch. And sometimes, just allowing yourself to feel that way is enough to stretch into what is next for you.

    Ask, "If I were to allow myself to feel into the next phase of my life, what qualities does it have?"

    "What are the dreams I will dream once my dreams have come true?"

    Now, THIS is living!

    "The quality of one's life is directly proportionate to the quality of questions asked." - unknown

    Are You in the Game?
    Whole Life Coach image

    "I'm living from a standpoint of greater clarity. My goals are well defined and I look at each day as a gift!" - Jenn, PA

    What game are you currently playing? Are you enjoying yourself? If not, what is causing you to stay in this game? What is keeping you from researching other games that may be more your style?

    Of course, I'm talking about the Big Game here - the game of life we are all playing. The activities and decisions we make from moment to moment and how they create what our life is. Or isn't.

    If you feel the inclination to improve the game you're playing, (this can mean improving on fabulous too!) then take advantage of a free "Move it Forward" coaching session one-on-one with Stephanie.

    "Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals and to start living life to the fullest! My words cannot say enough." -Annette, PA

    After this powerful session, you'll leave with:

    • a written version of your personal and/or professional vision;
    • new truth about what's been holding you back;
    • the necessary steps to creating your wild success!

    "Hold on, because the world will turn if you're ready or not."-KT Tunstall

    Are you ready?

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