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November 2006 (814) 880-7319

The upcoming holidays of winter seem to encourage us to gear up, yet I feel myself getting more and more hesitant to engage at such a fevered pitch. I'm not sure what this month does for you, but I've decided it's time to stop and reflect.

So, I'm taking November to take stock and even celebrate a little. That's right - take time to learn from the failures, and remember to recognize the successes. What else is there when it gets down to it?

I hope you'll join me in taking the time to step out of the routine of "getting it all done" for a bit and celebrating the perfection of what and who has already arrived.

Namaste, Stephanie

Don't forget to exercise your voice about what you want in our collective future by voting at the mid-term elections next Tuesday!

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  • Imagine That!
  • Your Garden of Relationships
  • Opportunities to Grow
  • Space to Breathe

  • Your Garden of Relationships
    mountain garden rows

    "No person is your friend who demands your silence, or your right to grow." - Alice Walker

    Envision your relationships as a garden. There are many rows: perhaps one contains family, one may hold co-workers or peers, and another for your friends.

    What blooms in this garden, and what needs to be weeded? Take stock of who is in your life and if they are there out of duty, desire, habit, enjoyment, growth or obligation.Then ask yourself which might require cultivation, and which relationships may have taken over your garden and become a weed? As you take stock of who walks with you in your life, it is a hard fact when those with whom you've surrounded yourself no longer reflect or support the person you've become.

    You have choice in this matter. You can cultivate your relationship as you do a garden. You can stand back, make an assessment and decide what exactly it needs to be in full bloom. You even may find that you have what is needed, but may have been holding out.

    Relationships can be tricky to grow! Perhaps the situation is calling for accessing other resources: books, tapes or getting help from another professional? You may discover you do not have the proper soil conditions for this plant and it becomes the more difficult letting go that is required. How do you know when or if it is time, and how do you actually go about the weeding if it is?

    None of us are equipped to control how a plant (or a partner) will grow. But each of us do hold the responsibility to provide our own half of the commitment that was inherent when you chose to plant the seed in the first place. Nobody said gardening was easy!

    For more ways to grow, see below.

    Opportunities to Grow

    Truth-Telling Circles for Women Start your own personal revolution by discovering what makes your life fulfilling while getting to the heart of the truth about yourself and your relationships! Registration is on-going, as is the learning. The next session begins on Nov. 15 and continues every other Wednesday. Cost is $100 for three 2-hour daytime sessions.

    Free to the Public Live Your Life On Purpose! Get off the treadmill of life and feel what it's like to run outside of your current limitations! Nature's Pantry, State College, PA, Thursday, December 7, 6 pm.

    First Annual Life Turnaround Contest If you're interested in turning chaos into clarity, inside and out, this contest might be just what you've been looking for! The Whole Life Coach and Jessica Dolan of Room to Breathe have teamed up to offer a grand prize worth over $500.00 in Professional Coaching and Home and Office Organization Services. After November 15, you can go to www.lifeturnaround.com, and complete the entry form for the contest that just might change your life!

    Get on the fast track to success with Individualized Whole Life Coaching. Space is available if you are:

    • READY to stop living by anyone else's rules;
    • WILLING to uncover what makes life fulfilling for you;
    • ABLE to accept that your biggest dreams and goals can become a reality!

    Space to Breathe
    window by the sea

    Space to Breathe is the monthly section of inquiries designed to use when journaling, dreaming, or when you just plain have a minute to yourself. It is designed to give you a springboard for self- discovery.

    "Knowing that I cannot control any other person's behaviour, feelings, or perceptions but my own:

    Who is it that I want to be in relationship to others?"

    Imagine That!
    Whole Life Coach image

    "Everyone has been made for one particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." - Rumi

    Imagine a meeting during your busy week where you can go to unravel the happenings of your life; where someone is there to really listen to what matters to you. And imagine that the person with whom you're meeting, without judgement, is holding the biggest version of who you are for you so that you will know exactly what success looks like when you get there. What if then, in touch with your biggest vision of success, you are able to discover the most direct path to actually achieving it, in line with all that matters to you? This is exactly what a coaching relationship is like.

    And, even better than just feeling good, coaching really works! Industry research shows 98.5% of clients are satisfied with their coach and 83% of coaching clients stay with their coach for over 3 months. When coaching is taken into organizations, it routinely generates ROIs (Return on Investment) of between 500 and 700%!

    Something so powerfully effective for such a high percentage of people who have experienced it might just be worth considering.

    Are you making anything else more important than your becoming a full participant in this life you're living?

    Just thought I'd ask.

    Trust that still, small voice that says, "This might work, and I'll try it." -Diane Mariechild

    how individual coaching works...
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