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a place for girls' voices to be heard.  Check out their Respect Rally video.  I assisted at this event, and can attest to the power in the room. Courtney Macavinta, Respectrx founder, has the goal of training 900 million girls.  Want to help? 

Liberal & Progressive Talk Radio - Monterey CA
Listen to the Whole Life Coach on January 31 from 12-1 Pacific Time on Jennifer Crew's show"Get Intuit". 

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"Happy New Year! You now have 365 days to do something spectacular!"




I am wondering now that it's the middle of January, how all of those new years resolutions are coming along?  It's not that I'm skeptical, it's just that it's oh-so-boring, so with-the-Joneses to start something just because it's January!

See those words up there in the header of my newsletter?  Grow. Thrive. Bloom?  I mean it.  I've seen a lot of clients putting their heart and soul into growing this year.  All year. Not just in January!  So I'm here to offer some words on thrive and bloom. 

Plants don't do well when they're stressed.  Neither do we humans.  I have what is perhaps a surprising perspective to offer at the start of a new year, considering it's coming from a life coach who is a proponent of creating big juicy goals.  I am departing from conventional methodology to remind you in this month of endless resolutions to


See what happens when you slow down while those around you speed up.  Find out what lives in the quiet and still of this season instead of the hurry and the strife.  If either way gets you results, why not avoid the crowds?

I've always liked to consider myself a rebel.


Against the grain, Stephanie

"If we cease to act, life itself will not cease.  In fact, it may grow full."
- Sue Monk Kidd




New Women's Coaching Group

Beginning in February!

Join the revolution and be a part of a group that just might change the course of your life!

Past participants talk about their experience:

"This has been an amazing, life altering experience for me- the best thing I have chosen to do for myself in a very long time."

"I learned [discovered] the power to believe in myself...and be ditch the negative voices. I'm psyched! Bring life on!"

"I miss our group, but found that even in its shortness it has provided me with a new outlook, a feeling of more purposefulness and strength."


What will you say about the progress you've made?
take the first step 




Body-Centered Leadership 


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Connecting to your Source of Power 



It's your last chance to join us for a workshop to explore the common myths and archetypes of current feminine leadership styles.  Whether you are leading a team of professionals or a family, how you show up as a leader makes all the difference between frustration and success.  We will show you that the key to your confidence and strength as a leader is in your body.


Come for an afternoon of experiential activities designed to provide inner exploration and reflection and leave with a renewed sense of empowerment and aliveness - all from within! 


Sunday, January 18, 2-6 PM

Movement Arts Studio

State College, PA

Cost: $95



Presented by: Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC and
Monique Svazlian, Highest Path Coach

with guest percussionists, led by Carol Lindsey







Water the seeds you wish to bloom

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Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC

The Whole Life Coach 



Save $20 when you register with a friend for Body-Centered Leadership!


It's more fun with two!  Bring a friend or co-worker to this Sunday's workshop and each enjoy a $20 savings off the $95 rate!




Offer Expires: January 15, 2009


Must register at the same time for offer to be valid.


To register, call 814-880-7319 or Click here!


The Whole Life Coach | PO Box 1153 | Lemont | PA | 16851