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"Speak your truth and watch your relationships bloom."

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 In PA:
May 5:
R&R Women's Group Celebration!
Another group of ten courageous women complete and celebrate their group journey together. 
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May 8: Engineering Ladies Night Out! A happy hour of scientific discoveries about what it means to stop living by other people's rules and become your own authority.

May 10:
Reclaim Mother's Day! Spend Mother's Day in a way that inspires you.  This is our day to publicly express our commitment to children. Take back the holiday from the flower companies and decide how YOU want to celebrate!
Mother's Day Activism

In CO:

June 12:
Bill Plotkin Evening Talk on Cultivating Visionary Leadership and Cultural Artistry in a Time of Global Change
at the Starhouse in Boulder.   DETAILS

June 27-28:
Dare to Be Free! Workshop on how to liberate and return to your true self. At the Solstice Center in Boulder.  Register with a friend and get a discount! DETAILS

A place for girls' voices to be heard and respected.  Want to help get a Respect Rally in your town?  Contact Stephanie or  Courtney Macavinta, Respectrx founder.  We want to reach 900 million girls.  You can help that happen.  Check out the video and contact me to take the next steps.

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April was one intense month!

There's been a lot going on around here.  Aside from some recent juicy collaborations with other professionals, my family is gearing up for an exciting move back to Boulder, CO.  And although my body is physically moving out of PA, my coaching practice gets to stay.  Fortunately, in this age of technology, there is no shortage of ways to stay connected and engaged in this community of treasured friends, family and clients that aren't physically moving with me.  I look forward to many more years of great collaborative adventures with you all!

THIS MONTH, as a special thank you to my previous and current clients, I am offering a referral special that tops 'em all.   Check out the 'big ticket' item below.  There are incentives for new clients too!

And, in honor of Mother's Day, I am offering special 'Love the One You're With' sessions (that's you by the way). 

Consider this an open invitation for you to engage in the process of learning to love yourself despite the negative situations or old stories that have held you back up until now.   
Water the seeds you wish to bloom,

Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC
Growing Leaders. Organically.

If you've been thinking about receiving individual coaching, now is the time to do so with dramatic savings.

This month, new clients (those who have never worked with me before) who mention this newsletter will receive 1/2 off the first month of coaching through June!

Current clients* have the chance to receive 1/2 off of June coaching with a referral of a new client! 

Your unique impact on your family, your work and your community is too important to not take action.

If you are not currently enjoying a front row seat in your own life, then you won't want to miss this opportunity! 

I am ready!

Questions? Contact Stephanie
*current clients are defined as those who have been a client in the past as well as those who currently are receiving coaching in either a group or individual format.

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A new seed is faithful.  It roots deepest in the places that are the most empty. - Source Unknown

What are you planting this early spring? 

We have a greenhouse in our backyard that begins to beckon to me around this time of the year.  It is such a great metaphor for what so many of my clients and I seem to be faced with as this season of renewal approaches -the potentiality of new growth and creation.

What is beckoning to you from the far reaches of your busy life to plant?  Perhaps you are contemplating a shift in career due to the uncertainty of these economic times?  Perhaps you have reached a birthday that has you sit up and take notice of the life you still have yet to live, or you may be contemplating a transplant to a new, more fertile physical location?

What I know to be true for any worthwhile endeavor is that we must empty out the old to make room for the new.  The greenhouse must be cleared in order for the new seed trays to be laid out; the seed packets must be organized; and the soil mixed. The piles must be cleared in order to move, the past has to be forgiven in order to grow.

We must clear out the old beliefs, outdated fears and constant chatter that live in us in order to create something new.  We must remember to lean on the wisdom and experience of the other 'gardeners' who have gone before, better equipping us to create a very unique garden (career, transition, relationship) of our own.

What feelings, beliefs, fears do you need to release before you can create what is dying to be born in you?

Who do you need to forgive in order to move on with more freedom?

Who might you need to disappoint in order to plant the seed that will bloom into who you were meant to be?

There is a space that is reserved just for your particular roots. It has only been waiting for you to plant the seed.

Happy Gardening!
Day Special
You know the song, "Love the One You're With" by Crosby Stills and Nash?  "There's a girl right next to you, and she's just waiting for something to do..."  

If you want something to do for you, here's an excuse!  For the month of May, Moms can schedule a special individual session for only $50.  My intention is to give you another opportunity to love the one you are with - YOU!

Do do doot doot doot doot do do...
Offer Expires: May 26, 2009/Rate is good for one session
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