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For you, a loving kindness blessing: "May you be happy, may you be peaceful. May you grow in kindness, compassion, wisdom, understanding and love. May you be liberated from all fear, and be free."

This sounds like something a mother may say to her child. What might be possible if we all treated each other as the children that we once were (or are still trying to be)? Mother's Day is a wonderful time to remind us of the important role mother's play in our society, and what is possible if we were to all take a little more mothering on ourselves.

If you know ANYONE close to you who is ready to live a life more in line with their fabulous selves, take a moment to send this newsletter to them- you never know what the impact will be.

Just the other day an individual e-mailed and said that "my experience with the sample session has already changed my life"! She wrote that our interaction was just what she needed to finally get energized to make the changes she'd been putting off for years. Now, those changes have already started a cascade of events that even she never would have dreamed!

I am honored and humbled by the opportunity coaching provides in people's lives and inspired by the positive impact that session will have on that woman's life, her community, and, selfishly, on us all!

In wild celebration of who you are,


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  • Moms Rock!
  • Space to Breathe

  • Moms Rock!
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    For all that you do without paid vacation or 401(k) matching contributions - come take a load off!

    Odwalla Juices has teamed up with Stephanie to sponsor the first "Mothers Re-JUICE!" A free, family- friendly event for the mothers of our local community.

    Enjoy free classes in

    • mom's yoga
    • partner yoga
    • meditation
    • Qi Gong
    • And:
    • Odwalla juice for the first 100 participants
    • crafts and activities for the kiddos
    as well as massage and live music all day!

    Where: East West Crossings and The Yoga Village (by the creek) at 201 Elmwood Ave in State College (off of College Ave headed toward Lemont)

    When: Saturday, May 12 from 1-6 PM.

    Please forward this to a mom who you suspect may be in need of rejuvenation!

    Space to Breathe
    small Hawaiian beach

    Are you someone who is not able to finish a thought, let alone a sentence, due to the high levels of input coming at you in a typical day? Perhaps it's time to integrate a daily zone of no-interruptions.

    Take some time to be alone. Wake up earlier than usual, and treat yourself to an extra hour of solitude. Notice what changes for you when you commit to that time for your well-being for one week.

    If it is helpful, ask yourself,"What should I give myself permission to do today?"or "What might a balanced life look like for me?"

    Inquiries like these, which have multiple answers that are all correct, are used in coaching on a regular basis to get to the truth around what motivates and really matters to an individual.

    If you want to get to the heart of your core , consider individual Whole Life Coaching, and make time to discover who you are now at a deeper level, as well as who you are becoming.

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    How Can I Help?
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    Stephanie's clients are saying,"Your support is a vital piece of why I am able to show up for myself. Your natural gifts of showing loving kindness have helped inspire me to be courageous, compassionate and tender with myself. Thank you Stephanie for choosing to be a part of my life. You have helped me make a difference in the world." - Alicia M., California

    Are you ready to:

  • step outside of the normal parameters of what is considered "appropriate" and "reasonable"
  • ?
  • lighten your load
  • ?
  • play your bigger game
  • ?
  • know what gift you bring to the world
  • ?

    "I thought you should know that you are making progress on your revolution. My life is changing in such wonderful and rich ways that it is spreading out now beyond me too. You are changing the world Stephanie. Your commitment to do so is working. I love being part of your revolution!" - Carol B, Boulder, CO

    Are you ready? This personalized program of Individual Life Coaching provides 2-1/2 hours a month in service to YOUR VERSION of success and fulfillment.

    I offer complimentary sample sessions in order for you to make an informed decision to see if coaching is a way of getting you where and what you want in this one, BIG, juicy life of yours.

    Isn't it time for you to make your mark on the world?

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