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"Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around."

- Henry Thoreau

MOM's Rock!

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This is why I'm teaming up with certified coach and mama, Juliet Brown, to deliver my
group this fall.

This is for mom's who like to shake things up and create the life they were meant to live while balancing the many roles they have.


WHERE: Informational night first at Pekoe Tea House, N. Boulder, Group to follow at the Solstice Center, Pearl Street, Boulder.

WHEN: Fall 09. 
Stay tuned for group information and registration!

HOW: You commit to yourself by showing up fully.

Because only you can give yourself the permission to fully live out your gifts. 

"If you could have done this by yourself, you would have already done so."
-Juliet Brown



How does one make room for more joy?

This is the question I am blessed enough to be asking these days. I recently acted on two of my biggest values -  joy and individuality, and that vote brought me home again to Boulder, CO where it is acceptable and expected that you be and do anything that is authentic to who you are. 

My family and I have landed in a retreat of a home in the mountains, minutes from the hub of it all.  Even my dog loves this town where he gets a new trail every day and we are now expected to refer to ourselves as his guardian rather than his owner.

My first weekend here, I was welcomed by one of my most revered teachers, Bill Plotkin, and I was honored to assist him with his Nature and the Human Soul Intensive (based on his book of the same title).

Juicy collaborations have already begun with body-oriented psychotherapists and other certified coaches.  Stay tuned for upcoming workshops, groups and weekend retreats!

The BIG news for my current and future clients is that I have never been so alive and fulfilled!  This is relevant because it means that I am even more committed and determined to get this feeling for every one with whom I work.

May your path continue to grow you closer to the sun, as you stretch your arms wide, accept your gifts and smile. 
Water the seeds you wish to bloom,

Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC
Growing Leaders. Organically.

"Plant yourself where you
are most likely to bloom." 

- Cactus
(Genus and species unknown)

A cactus gave me this message one hot afternoon while visiting Durango, CO many years ago as I hiked and tried to make sense out of why I had ever left my heart home of Colorado.  Well, the cactus didn't actually talk to me, but the words came to my mind as clear as if it did. 

Although it took years for me to finally act on it's wisdom, I have never forgotten the cactus' message, and I have arrived back in one of the places on this earth where I believe I am most likely to bloom. I am most grateful that I didn't just brush off the message as a figment of my imagination, and therefore deem it unimportant or irrelevant.

What inspired messages (from yourself, nature, friends or the bigger universe) ring true for you currently that you are not acting upon?

One of the areas of the Wheel of Life that I routinely give to my clients to assess is entitled, "Physical Environment."  This slice of life can refer to your home, your office, your favorite coffee joint, or it can be the town or country in which you reside.  Your levels of satisfaction with this part of your life sets the stage for the rest of your one, BIG, juicy life!

My friend and colleague, Jessica Dolan, owner of Room to Breathe Organizing and Staging, knows this better than anyone!  It is so crucial to our well-being that we not only survive, but thrive in our space.  When we re-create our environment to reflect who we are in the deepest sense, we create more meaning around us, and we are better able to find new meaning in the seemingly "mundane".  Try this: Make space for yourself and watch the ease with which you are then able to breathe, take stock, and make clearer decisions.

What changes is your space calling for you to better reflect your values and passions?

You deserve beauty.  You deserve to thrive in your environment.  This factor tends to get overlooked in our society, and downplayed. 

Give yourself the gift of planting yourself where you thrive.  It may be a matter of place for you, or it may be surrounding yourself with different friends or a new career.  But as Thoreau said, it is important [crucial] to live your beliefs so you can turn the world around.
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