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RISE above the daily grind AND SHINE your light on those around you!

This is what this work is about.

Rising to the challenges we all face in our daily lives by deciding what's important to you; what you will go to bat for; where your healthy boundaries exist and the BIG-picture vision you are creating along the way!

Shine on shining stars,


in this juicy issue
  • Move it Forward
  • Focus on the BIG Picture
  • Happy Hour Friday - June 22
  • Summer Coaching Circles
  • Mothers RE-JUICE! A Success!
  • Space to Breathe

  • Focus on the BIG Picture
    What's in here girl

    I often hear people ask, "How do you stay focused on the big picture? Do you ever feel like life is just happening to you? Why even bother creating goals when something else always seems to get in the way anyway?"

    Here it is: We are all responsible for creating our own happiness, success and fulfillment. Now, that was either the good news or the bad news, depending on your perspective.

    Happy Hour Friday - June 22
    Business Success

    Do you sometimes feel trapped by your particular circumstances, as if there's no way out? Then this interactive talk may be just what you need to infuse the concept of choice into your life.

    The only hangover this happy hour will give you is the kind that involves a real shift to possibility and hopefulness. Your weekend will be off to a great start!

    Bring your curiosity and your willingness to play.

    Cost: FREE and open to the public

    Summer Coaching Circles

    "Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Harold Thurman Whitman

    Join one or all of the coaching circles this summer for a round of support, growth and motivation.

    Whole Life Coaching Circles are group coaching sessions centered around a specific issue. Group coaching allows participants one-on-one time with Stephanie coupled with the support of like- minded women who hold your feet to the fire; share your laughter and your tears, and wildly celebrate your successes.

    The focus of each circle is to explore your relationship to the contents of your life with love and curiosity. It also is magnificent to watch your fellow group members grow exponentially! Each session will focus on the week's unique topic:

    • The Heroine's Journey - July 17
    • BIG picture visioning - July 24
    • Daily Habits for your Grand Life- July 31
    • Self Care 101- August 7
    • Strike a Balance - August 14

    Circles will be held at the Center for Well Being on Tuesdays in July and August from 12-1:30. All are welcome, but those who seem to derive the most benefit are:

  • Professional Mothers
  • Women who have been ignoring their own needs
  • Women who are on the verge of something BIG and desire to hone in on their chosen path with encouragement.
  • Take this summer to treat yourself to more of you. Unrefined and glorious. Let her shine!

    Mothers RE-JUICE! A Success!

    It turns out there are many mothers who are in need of Re-Juicing! Fortunately, there are a proportionate amount of healing hands, voices and talents to soothe the mothers of this community.

    The day was perfect! Even the late afternoon downpour was part of the perfection, as it helped bring in the crowd to an even cozier venue!

    I'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the contributors that made this event such a success! Mothers were treated to rockin' music, talented bodyworker hands, nutritious and delicious Odwalla juices, engaging yoga and meditation instruction, and a creative, safe place for their kids to play and enjoy the day as well.

    I was left with a sense of awe and inspiration for all of the talent that convened on one place to create a celebration of the very important caretakers of the future!

    Space to Breathe
    window by the sea

    Are you someone who knows what needs to be done, but at the end of the day, discover that other things have pushed those original plans aside? Perhaps it's time to get clear on what your REAL priorities are, by dedicating some Q.T. to you, the CEO of your life.

    Carve out 30 minutes to be alone without interruption every day this week.

    Read something inspiring, sit in silence, write draw or create, and then ask yourself,"What am I creating in my life?"or "What impact do I wish to have in my interactions today/this week/this year?"And then take the extra time to write out your vision for a BIG juicy life.

    Blow the lid off of what is "possible" or "logical" or "reality". Give yourself the permission to dream and watch what happens. How will you ever know it when you find it if you can't imagine it first?

    If you want to get the juice from questions like these, take part in a coaching circle, or create a one-on-one relationship with Stephanie. Give yourself the gift that lasts a lifetime as you create space to dream and live in a way that mirrors who you really are at the core.

    "Stephanie, the work you are doing is profound. Your coaching helped me move past the deepest blocks to my progress: fear of acknowledging and acting on my deepest truth. For the first time in my life, I was hearing a genuine invitation to seek my deepest needs and desires. You helped me take full responsibility for how my life goes from here to the end." -Carol, Boulder, CO

    Move it Forward
    Whole Life Coach image

    "Stephanie, Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals and to start living life to the fullest! My words cannot say enough." - Annette, PA

    Put yourself ahead in time to the beginning of September. OK - are you there?

    Now, imagine that this past summer has been a rocking success. Things just flowed: every challenge was tempered with tons of learning; people and events came to your aid in ways you could never have planned; and to top it off, you had tons of fun! You've also experienced and accomplished all that you set out for yourself way back in June!

    Are you ready to make your vision a reality?

    Then, schedule a free "Move It Forward" coaching session one-on-one with Stephanie. After this powerful session, you'll leave with:

    • a written vision of what it is you're ready to create;
    • a new awareness of the real challenges you face in getting there;
    • a serious dose of inspiration and motivation;
    • and a next step action to begin on your journey!

    I want for you to be able to excitedly look at your days and say, "THIS is what I'm doing with my one, BIG, juicy life!"

    schedule your free 'Move It Forward' session...
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