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What will you celebrate today?

After many months of daily preparation, challenge and study, I have completed my advance certification as a Co-Active Coach! It feels great to have completed something which, in my field, is a high honor. But mostly, I'm most proud of how I honored my integrity throughout the program.

So I plan to celebrate - big time! I invite you to find what it is that is calling for celebration in your life by thinking back 6 months to a year ago, and and find a way to honor what you've done or become!

It's not about always forging ahead, but in stopping to celebrate our accomplishments (however big or small) along the way.

In Wild Celebration,


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  • Set Your Self Free
  • Summer Coaching Circles
  • Holy Yes
  • Space to Breathe

  • Summer Coaching Circles
    Business Success

    "Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Harold Thurman Whitman

    Join one or all of the coaching circles this summer for a round of support, growth and motivation.

    Whole Life Coaching Circles are group coaching sessions centered around a specific issue. Group coaching allows participants one-on-one time with Stephanie coupled with the support of like- minded women who hold your feet to the fire; share your laughter and your tears, and wildly celebrate your successes.

    The focus of each circle is to explore your relationship to the contents of your life with love and curiosity. The added bonus is getting to experience your fellow group members grow exponentially as well! Each session will focus on the week's unique topic:

    • The Heroine's Journey - July 17
    • BIG picture visioning - July 24
    • Daily Habits for your Grand Life- July 31
    • Self Care 101- August 7
    • Strike a Balance - August 14

    Circles will be held at the Center for Well Being on Tuesdays in July and August from 12-1:30. All are welcome, but those who seem to derive the most benefit are:

  • Professional Mothers
  • Women who hear themselves saying that they'll get to their own needs "someday".
  • Women who are on the verge of something BIG and desire to hone in on their chosen path with encouragement.
  • Take this summer to treat yourself to more of you. Unrefined and glorious. Let her shine!

    Holy Yes
    blue hands and butterflies

    "Our task is to say a holy YES to the real things of our life as they exist..." -Natalie Goldberg, Writer

    In a society where we're encouraged to acquire possessions in order to find peace, happiness and fulfillment, there is little value placed in letting go.

    What might be possible for you if you were to release some of the old possessions or ideas that no longer serve you? What would that make space for in your life? What is in your life now that is truly of value to you?

    You may want to pay particular attention to the possession (or two) which has begun to demand more of it's fair share of upkeep or space in your life. Do the "things" around you still support you and reflect their value?

    But most likely, what is most in need of releasing are old ideas of how things should be or need to be that no longer serve you now. What is the amount of energy you are spending on making situations how they "should be" rather than how you truly, deep down in your gut, WANT them to be?

    Make sure you are able to say a 'holy yes' to the content of your life.

    Space to Breathe
    window by the sea

    Step out of the supporting role for a time in order to contemplate the following questions.

    What exists today in my life that truly adds value?

    What am I ready to release in the way of ideas of how my life "should" be, in order to live my life in a way that best represents my truth?

    What freedom is possible in this moment by seeing through the feelings I am experiencing right now? What lies underneath those feelings? How real are they?

    "Stephanie, the work you are doing is profound. Your coaching helped me move past the deepest blocks to my progress: fear of acknowledging and acting on my deepest truth. For the first time in my life, I was hearing a genuine invitation to seek my deepest needs and desires. You helped me take full responsibility for how my life goes from here to the end." -Carol, Boulder, CO

    Make yourself a priority this summer by taking part in a coaching circle, or by creating a one-on-one relationship with Stephanie. Give yourself the gift that lasts a lifetime as you create the space to live in a way that mirrors who you really are at the core.

    Set Your Self Free
    Whole Life Coach image

    "I finally feel as if I had reached the top of the mountain that I have been climbing this past year. I'm standing at the top with my arm's stretched wide. Looking all around me at the expansive future. I see only big things and nothing in my way. I see other mountains and I can't wait to climb the top of all of them. Thank you for all your support." ~Kathy, PA

    Freedom to BE WHO YOU ARE, Freedom to CREATE, Freedom to EXPRESS YOUR SOUL, Freedom to LEARN, Freedom to PLAY, Freedom to GET TO HIGHER GROUND! All the while, staying free of guilt, free of other people's negativity, free from your own negativity! What is it you could use more freedom around?

    Start off with a bang this Independence day, and celebrate what it means to be truly and utterly FREE!

    Schedule your FREE "Move It Forward" coaching session one-on-one with Stephanie. After this powerful session, you'll leave with:

    • a written vision of what it is you're ready to create;
    • a new awareness of the real challenges you face in getting there;
    • a serious dose of inspiration and motivation;
    • and a next step action to more freedom and fulfillment!

    Look! This is your world! What are you creating? What do you want to create?"

    it all begins with the first step...
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