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July 2006 (814)880-7319

Summer greetings to you!

Ah, can you feel it? It's the rhythmic beat of the heart of the summer, one of my favorite times of the year. I find myself settling into the heat, and allowing it to soften the rules around what is possible.

As I tune into my own summer rhythm, I am able to sink more deeply into what is most important to me in my life. I am struck with the welcome responsibility of being radically authentic. And, as a result, I am excited to present this newsletter to you with the upcoming events in Whole Life Coaching.

For those of you who are ready to utilize your own authenticity to start a peaceful, yet powerful revolution within, as well as in your community, there couldn't be a better time to engage than NOW.

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  • Vote with your Time

    "Time is a created thing. To say, "I don't have time" is like saying, "I don't want to..." - Lao-Tzu

    "Where does all my time go?" This is a question I frequently hear from my clients.

    When thinking about your time, reflect on the work week since it usually comprises the majority of our time. When contemplating your work, does it light you up, or are you empathetic with the 71% of the American workforce who admit to feeling unsatisfied in their current position? What if your work is your family, and the time you spend creating a nurturing home environment?

    Take an inventory of your time for one week. Notice who you are and what you do with your time, to assess if there are any changes that are just begging to be made. Look at where you spend the majority of your waking time and what parts of yourself you bring to that activity. Does it reflect who you are in the deepest sense? If not, it may be time to ask yourself if you are ready for a change.

    Spending your time doing what is most important to you is a vote for fulfillment in your life. No one else can give that to you. Just as tracking where you spend your money will alert you to what you value in your life, time is an equally an important determiner.

    Many of my clients discover that by spending time each morning designing their day makes all the difference in achieving more of what they value in their days. What would give you a feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction if you completed at the end of the day? For parents, it might be by simply learning how to embrace the moments after safely tucking your children into their car seats to savor the silence at the back of your car before you enter the driverís seat. As an executive, perhaps itís as simple as taking your lunch away from the office, and adding a 10- minute break into your schedule every 90 minutes to reconnect with your self and your sanity. Know that by giving to yourself, you are also giving to those around you. Whether itís your children, your partner or boss, they want the WHOLE you, not the you that is partitioned off in order to do the work you "should" be doing.

    It is up to you! You get to vote for how you choose to spend your time. Who gets your vote today?

    Send your comments/questions to the Whole Life Coach via email.

    Truth-Telling Circles for Women

    Are you ready to start your own revolution? How about some truth telling to get things going? Treat yourself to three, 2-hour sessions a month to discover who you are in the company of other strong women, without the layers of guilt, shame, or one more day of fitting into a version of yourself that others have encouraged you to create. You deserve your truth - don't miss out on this cocktail of insight and belly laughs. The truth CAN set you free!

    This month's focus is on a new model of intimacy. Offered locally as well as in a telegroup format. To register or for more details, send an email to Stephanie.

    The monthly investment: $100

    Space to Breathe
    Space to Breathe is the monthly section of inquiries designed to use when journaling, dreaming, or when you just plain have a minute to yourself. It is designed to give you a springboard for self-discovery.

    Begin with the inquiry, "What's truly important to me?Ē In other words, "What is a non-negotiable in my life?Ē or "What must be present in order for me to be happy?Ē

    Then, you may want to review the past week and weekend in July and reflect on how you spent your time. What did you do? And more importantly, what percentage of your true self did you bring to those situations? How did these actions support what you discovered from the inquiry above that you most value in your life?

    Whole Life Programs
    Whole Life Coach image

    "Powerful change is possible in any situation when you are courageous enough to stay true to yourself and show up in the most authentic way."

    Are you ready for a change? Whether it be discovering your fulfilling work, creating your picture of health or finding more balance in your family life, there is a way to achieve what you want out of your life. Do you prefer one-on-one communication or do groups inspire you to be your best? Whichever you prefer, Whole Life coaching has an avenue to get to the root of what's holding you back, and liberate you to create the fulfilling life you seek.

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