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Juicy Goals
2010 Intention Setting

If you have not yet made a list of your own intentions for this year (and I recommend you do!), feel free to borrow one of these fabulous intentions below.

Be free. Love deeply. Be bold. Speak your truth with confidence. Be vulnerable. Own your power. Connect with people. Be curious. Enjoy crazy fun. Breathe deeply. Dance when the music moves you. Allow outrage. Stay conscious about your choices. Change perspectives.Trust your feelings. Laugh loudly and often. Trust intuition. Make Art. Cooperate. Delight in your strengths. Get into nature daily. Take risks. Choose in favor of who you are becoming. Apprentice with silence. Try something new. Get messy. Be generous. Allow others the freedom to be. Notice beauty. Revel in your senses. Play with ideas.

It's already a few weeks into 2010.  How has this New Year been for YOU so far?  I've had the pleasure of witnessing some serious intention setting since mid-December, and I'm pleased to report, success is already a reality for many of my clients this year! They have set clear goals, taken inspired action and are already reaping the results!

What does it take to make good on those resolutions for you? 

Read below and get some inspiration on that subject.

Oh, and remember - your actions are creating your results!  Whole Life Coaching wants to recognize our partners out there who are being the seed they wish to bloom in the world. Please let us know what actions you are taking for you and how that is impacting your community and we will work to get the word out!

And, if you are ready to join in on the fun and get primed for your own version of success, check out the Technicolor Sample Session below as a no cost way to get acquainted with what is possible for you by us joining together toward your whole life fulfillment.

I am wishing you wild prosperity, deep love and potent clarity on every level for you and yours into this year and beyond, 



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Kicking the Perfectionism Habit
in 2010

How to succeed at New Year's Resolutions - Imperfectly.

2010 is filled with huge potential - in our world, and in our selves. Outwardly, we are creating shifts in government, politics, banking, health care, education, our environment and the economy. Inwardly, we are moving to a level of clarity and creation which is about bigger and juicier realities for ourselves in the realms of health, career, relationships, personal finance and whole life purpose.

Take into consideration the fast pace at which we are all operating right now, as well as all that we are called to do and be.  These heavy, constant demands increase the stress on our human systems.
It is essential to balance this stress with the appropriate level of self-care so that we can be at our best, succeed at our goals, and meet our responsibilities head-on. 
If you have recently felt overwhelmed or experienced bouts of exhaustion, anger, or resentment, you might be suffering from the ills of perfectionism.  None of us are, or are meant to be, perfect-including you!  

Even the highlighted sentence above, although true, is laced with the pervasive trappings of perfectionism.  I am curious how you felt when you read it-was it a breath of clarity for you?  Or was it another place you felt you need to measure up?
The pressure to do it ALL perfectly-including, somehow, replenishing your vital energy-is extreme.  I know the temptation is huge to put yourself on the back burner when so many other pots in your life are threatening to boil over. However, despite all that you are being asked to accomplish, there is a real need to rest and restore in order to tend to the fires burning all around you.  The difficulty arises when you try to act on this essential need in a society that does not yet value rest and restoration! 
We are an action-based society.  You will feel resistance all around you when you stop the constant movement and tend to yourself.  That's why, when faced with your responsibilities-the kids, the job, the family, the friends-saying no to yourself can almost become easy.  Because, let's face it, you've learned that you can let yourself down and not only get away with it but get congratulations and kudos for it
On first glance, you can neglect yourself because you can "get away with it," meaning there is no outside accountability for doing so. But can you really get away with it? Can you truly neglect yourself without consequence?  NO. What really happens when you say no to yourself time and time again?  The consequences can be far-reaching.
When you repeatedly devalue your worth by continuing to meet your own needs last -if ever- you are persistently wearing down your ability to care for others.  Imagine that one of your direct reports at work, or your child at home, is told repeatedly to wait on what matters most to them.  What happens for those individuals?  If, after going through the emotions of anger, jealousy, resentment, and bitterness, they don't leave the work or family relationship, they eventually become numb to the injustice.  It is human nature to tune out that which is too painful. 
The same is true for your relationship to yourself! If you continually tell yourself with your actions, that you are not worth the time and care necessary to sustain a healthy way of living (whatever that means to YOU), you too will go numb and you may experience the many consequences of neglect.
The symptoms of putting yourself last can include:
°         A chronic feeling of being Overwhelmed
°         Confusion and Lack of Clarity
°         Boredom
°         Strained relationships
°         Exhaustion
°         Restlessness
°         Boredom
°         Sickness
°         Hopelessness
°         Depression
It is up to you to prevent perfectionism from creeping into your self-care and all the areas of your life that you value for your health, well-being and success.  Just as preconceived rules stifle who you can be as a mother or an artist, you must throw out the rules you've made up or learned about how to succeed at self-care.  Make sure you do something, and do it your way!  As you do, you will be lighting the way for others around you to do the same.  What a gift!
Your Action Plan for Healthy Imperfection:
1. Create a list of your juiciest, most favorite ways to support yourself.

2. Add all forms of self-care and love that you've ever heard that you might want to try-even if they seem 'not possible' or 'too expensive' or requiring 'too much energy.'  Get creative and super-supportive!  This is YOU we are talking about - your most important tool in getting all the rest of your life "done"!

3. And the most important action step:  DO ONE OF THESE EVERY SINGLE DAY!

And then, sit back, raise a glass and toast to your whole life fulfillment for 2010 and beyond!
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