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Perhaps I feel so optimistic right now because it's the beginning of a New Year; or maybe it's the hope that's coming from the upcoming political shift in our nation; but, whatever the reason, I am grateful. I am experiencing that after-a-good-thunderstorm-feeling that can only come from the end of tough times, a fresh mind, and the ability to make wise choices.

Even if you don't share the same sense of optimism right now, I encourage you to put away your umbrellas and dare to get out in the sun! Be open to what shifts are possible for you as a result.

2008 holds the promise of whatever we dare to collectively imagine and make real through our daily actions. Are you ready for the sunshine?

Here's to our bright future, Stephanie

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  • Go BIG in 2008!
  • Can't We All Just Get Along?
  • Radical Transformations '08
  • Space to Breathe

  • Can't We All Just Get Along?
    Happy/Sad Roll of the Dice

    Is there a science to getting along with other people or do you experience it more as a roll of the dice?

    Granting credibility to the fact that some people just can't be in the same room together without sparks, I would like to offer up that there is something to learn from every single instance of spark you encounter along the way.

    Taking the idea that whatever ignites us - either positively or negatively - is a part of us that we have yet to own. It is the shadow upon which Carl Jung described as a set of unclaimed characteristics of our personality that exist in us all. He surmised that we were unable to become fully whole until we consciously owned the wide range of our own personality.

    Great. But how? If you can't see it, you can't own it, right?

    Right ... and wrong. The interesting thing is we do see it. That is, if we choose to recognize it. The people in our lives bring us our shadow to the big screen. Relationships.

    Relationships can be tricky as well as one of the fastest ways to achieve wholeness. Here are my top tips to dealing in tricky relationships:

    • Never EVER, EVER, talk about someone who isn't present.
    • Conserve your precious energy by not trying to figure out another's motives. That's their work to do (with their coach perhaps!). You will never know for sure anyway unless, of course, you ask them - GASP!
    • In touchy situations, speak your truth by beginning each sentence with the pronoun "I". "I feel" also is a good starter. Stay away from sentences that begin with "You". That's up to the other person to state (or not!).
    • No one has the power to make you feel any thing or any one way. Don't give your power away like that.
    • Exercise the muscle of your intuition until it is spot- on! If you don't use it, you lose it. Work it until you can trust it to help you navigate social situations.
    • Decide where you choose to shine your light rather than allow anyone attracted to it to come into your space.
    • Oh, and did I mention to Never EVER, EVER, talk about someone who isn't present?

    None of us are exempt from dealing with challenging relationship issues. Whether it's your co-worker or your spouse, you will be sparked on repeated occasions. But each of us has the potential to do so in a way that honors our integrity. Nobody said relationships were a trip to Vegas, but they do hold the odds of a good pay-out!

    Radical Transformations '08

    Please be our guest for the workshop that will radically transform the way you live in 2008!
    Saturday, January 26
    10-4 PM EDT
    Hilton Garden Inn
    1221 E. College Avenue

    In this one day workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Playfully create a clear vision for the year ahead;
    • Learn how to gain more confidence in your ability to make your new vision a reality;
    • Uncover what it means to live your values while seeding your biggest dreams and goals in a way that they are sure to take root;
    • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls most discover when making resolutions;
    • Leave with personalized actions to get started right away; and
    • Receive on-going support from the facilitators and group members to track and celebrate your progress!

    Benefit from the power of a sacred group. This will be co-led by Stephanie and CTI-trained coach, Susan Seybert, both passionate about the radical power of the individual to make a difference in the world. Sign up now. Space is limited to 20 participants and the registration deadline is January 18.

    If you would like to learn more and meet the facilitators, you are invited to attend a free informational call on January 16, 7 PM EDT. Register for this call.

    Let 2008 be the year that you look back on as the one that radically transformed your adult life!

    Space to Breathe
    window by the sea

    Space to Breathe is the monthly section of inquiries designed to use when journaling, dreaming, or when you just plain have a minute to yourself. It is designed to give you a springboard for self- discovery.

    Given that the people around us may be the reflection of our wholeness, "What treasures and pain do I notice in the people around me?"

    "Who is it that I want to be in relationship to others?"

    Go BIG in 2008!
    Whole Life Coach image

    "Everyone has been made for one particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." - Rumi

    Do you know what that particular work is for YOU? Here's a hint: It's what you do BEST. It's what you do BEST when you're just being natural, when you're not trying hard, when you're so engaged in what it is you're doing , that you are sure that time is a random occurrence.

    Imagine a person who can help you uncover your particular gift to the world while simultaneously holding your BIG vision so that you can recognize your success when you get there!

    This is exactly what individual leadership coaching does.

    And, coaching really works! Industry research shows 98.5% of clients are satisfied with their coach and 83% of coaching clients stay with their coach for over 3 months.

    When coaching is taken into organizations, it routinely generates ROIs of between 500 and 700%!

    Chances are you are spending at least 40 hours a week in this place called "work". What could be more important than finding your way to fully participate and enjoy those hours?

    Something so powerfully effective for such a high percentage of people who have experienced it might just be worth your time.

    Trust that still, small voice that says, "This might work, and I'll try it." -Diane Mariechild

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