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January 2007 (814) 880-7319

I LOVE the New Year! It's such a great excuse to begin anew. And I think I've made it easy for you to do just that.

Check out the offerings I have in the way of classes, support groups, individual coaching opportunities, cooperative opportunities and even a contest (this month with a Smith Barney Financial Adviser and a Professional Organizer). Don't forget the coupon at the bottom of this issue to really make it easy for you to say YES to a new year and a new way of being in the world.

I know you're up to it, Stephanie

in this juicy issue
  • Resolutions with Results
  • What's Your Path this Year?
  • Local Opportunities to Grow
  • Women: Opportunity for Transformation
  • Our Life Turnaround Contest heats up!
  • Space To Breathe

  • What's Your Path this Year?

    "If you want to change your life fundamentally, try going deeper before forcing yourself to behave differently." David Deida

    Changing habits is no easy task.

    Coaching with Stephanie can give you the depth of knowledge about who you are and what you truly want so that this year's resolutions are ones that you will want to keep.

    What is your path? Will you continue down the one you've been on? It is dependable, you already know what results will come of it. Or perhaps this is the year you will finally step on that path that you've yet to take. You know the one - it's been calling to you from the depths of your soul and you've been telling it to wait for the day when you're happier in your job; you have the relationship you want; you're richer; thinner, more patient; more centered; more focused; less stressed... Do any of these reasons sound familiar for postponing the life that you know is yours to live?

    That day is here. The time is now.

    Local Opportunities to Grow
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    Give your New Year's resolutions the best chance of success by learning how to Live Your Life On Purpose and discover Holistic Wealth!

    Living Your Life On Purpose, is a class offered by the Community Academy of Lifelong Learning, instructed by Stephanie on January 25, 2007 from 2-4 PM in Bellefonte, PA.

    This session will explore issues such as breaking out of the cultural trance that defines who you should be, and exposing the myths that have kept distance between you and your one, BIG, juicy life.

    To register, call 814-238-2368, the Community Academy for Lifelong Learning office. Register today if you are interested, as the class is close to full capacity!

    Discover Holistic Wealth! Join Stephanie and Smith Barney Financial Adviser, Al Masood in this free "wealth of information" workshop. Get clear on where you want to be in the years to come and apply it to your investments to make your financial and life-long dreams become your reality!

    This free, but limited space workshop will be held at the Autoport Restaurant in State College on February 22 at 6PM. To reserve your space, call Al or Suzanne Grine at 800-238-3666. Friends and colleagues are welcome as well!

    Women: Opportunity for Transformation
    blue hands and butterflies

    Women's Support Groups - Igniting the 'Me' in Mommy, as well as the core of every woman, mother or not, who participates in these dynamic groups.

    Receive coaching in a group format with other fabulous women who are dealing with stress, family, balance, work and/or self-care issues. Remember or discover what it's like to be fully alive.

    Come with your baggage and be prepared to lighten your load!

    “I’m living from a standpoint of greater clarity. My goals are well defined, and I look at each day as a gift.” Jennifer H., Reiki Practitioner and mother of two, PA Furnace, PA

    “Stephanie, at risk of sounding like a broken record...Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping facilitate my second adulthood!” – Teri C., State College, PA

    These groups are held in Lemont, PA (next to State College). A wait list for names and preferred times is forming for the next group. Also, feel free to gather 5 or more friends and/or colleagues to create your own private group!

    Our Life Turnaround Contest heats up!
    life turnaround

    First Annual Life Turnaround Contest If you're interested in turning chaos into clarity, inside and out, this contest might be just what you've been looking for!

    The Whole Life Coach, Jessica Dolan of Room to Breathe, and Certified Rolfer, Adam Mentzell, have teamed up to offer a grand prize worth over $650.00 in Professional Coaching, Home and Office Organization, Rolfing Bodywork and Aveda Salon Products or Services.

    Space To Breathe
    window by the sea

    Space to Breathe is the monthly section of inquiries designed to use when journaling, dreaming, or when you just plain have a minute to yourself. The intention is to give you a springboard for self- discovery.

    Inquiries like these are used in coaching on a regular basis to get to the truth around what motivates and really matters to an individual.

    Think about this: In 2010, when you look back at 2007, what will you most remember about who you were and what you created? What do you want to create for yourself? And what is your plan to make it happen?

    If you find these questions difficult to answer, then you may want to sign up for some coaching to start the New Year off with a real bang. One that lasts much longer than fireworks.

    Resolutions with Results
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    "And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom"- Anais Nin

    How many years have you made resolutions that have fallen to the wayside because of a lack of excitement or a big fat "should" attached to them? How many years have you failed to even set your course with any new plans?

    If you're interested in getting different results this year, think about a coaching relationship.

    What bud in you is just waiting to burst out into existence? Let's find out!

    Take that first step. It's free! You only have your whole life to gain...

    "If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." - Maya Angelou

    it all begins with one step....
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