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The Whole Life Coach Newsletter     Februray 2008 
...for your one, BIG, juicy life!
Today feels like a gift.  The sky here is bright blue, and the sun is creating a crystalline effect on the fresh snow.  I've been able to start my day with clarity by receiving my very own Power-up call; there was time this morning to express my love and gratitude to my nearest and dearest; and spring feels like it is right around the corner!  Not a bad Valentine's Day in my book!
And, as usual, the changes just keep coming!  Due to the legalities of trademarks, I'm in the process of changing the name of this newsletter, and I could use your help!!  What name do you think is juicy?  What changes would you like to see in the content as well?  SEND ME YOUR THOUGHTS, and if I choose your title, I'll send you a copy of Bill Plotkin's latest book, Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World as a reward for your creativity!
The local Radical Transformations group has begun it's transformative journey, Whole Life Coaching Circles are forming, and I am pleased to announce the exciting addition of POWER UP calls now available to you at a fraction of what individual coaching costs as a way to keep you on track with your goals and rooted firmly in your integrity. 
Also, stay tuned for more detailed information coming up regarding an exciting new branch of Whole Life Coaching, Peak Symmetry: an in-house coaching program created especially for the unique needs of Leaders and Executives.
Here's to loving the one you're with today - YOU!
PS - And those of you locals: Sunday the 17th at 7 PM, The State Theatre will be participating in the national 2008 V-Day Campaign with a production of Eve Ensler's award-winning play, "The Vagina Monologues", to raise money and awareness for the Centre County's Women's Resource Center which works to stop violence against women and girls.  Come out, see a great play, and show your support!
Whole Life Coaching Circles for Women 
Here's the skinny:  Women need to gather as women.  We need to share our stories, encourage one another, laugh about the stuff that doesn't matter, and perhaps cry about the stuff that does.  Along with that, professional coaching brings the element and alchemy of challenges and accountability that make change possible. 
This is an on-going support group for women in transition. 
From full-time mommyhood to employee, employee to CEO, full-time parent to an empty nester, singlehood to marriage, marriage to the single life, job to passion, career to retirement, and most importantly, from what everyone else expects of you to
who you know you are to become.
woman leaping on beach
All women are welcome. All women are encouraged to participate regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, profession, stage of life, or amount of fear.  (Fear is welcomed with the understanding that it won't get center stage here)

Meeting times are Tuesdays at 7:30 PM or Wednesdays at noon

at the Center for Well Being in Lemont.

Commitment for 3-90 minute meetings: $69                                                   

Please add me to the list!  Circles will begin on March 25!

Power-Up Calls!

For business leaders, sales executives and entrepreneurs:

  • who know what they need to do to succeed
  • struggle with the daily motivation needed to accomplish those tasks 
  • desire a cost and time efficient way to get on track!

Are you familiar with Wheatgrass Shots


Sold by the 2-oz. shot, wheatgrass is marketed as "liquid sunshine in one little shot" (according to Jamba Juice).


These daily calls can give you the energy equivalent to a wheatgrass shot without the weird green taste!



 to Power-UP with Stephanie!


It's a well-known fact that highly successful people routinely set clear goals or intentions of what they want to accomplish for that day.



TELL ME What do you want to accomplish?


What might be possible if you routinely spent your day...

  • with a positive state of mind?
  • a clearly stated intention?
  • fueled by one of your core values?

Receive the benefits of a certified coach at a fraction of the cost!

Your Power-up Call is only$79/month for 2o weekday phone calls with a full 30-day money back guarantee. 


TRY IT at NO RISK!  This success formula is simple, yet most people get stuck in day-to-day concerns and distractions, and rarely take the time to do it.  


As an ADDED BONUS, you get the proven results of speaking your goals aloud to another human being.  Without this,  the results are usually less than we hope for.


Squeeze the juice out of each day and step into your success!


 "Power-Up Calls™ provide a unique and dependable way to start your day with a focused vision for your day." 

- Dave P., Colorado


"...when I miss getting my Power-Up Call™, I forget to set my intentions for the day, and I don't get as much accomplished or have as good a day as when I DO get Powered Up.  It's that simple and effective for me!"  - Bob C., Reno, NV

CLICK HERE to Power-UP with Stephanie!

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"When sleeping women wake, mountains move." - Chinese Proverb
Get your own Wheatgrass Shot!

VALENTINE's DAY Special for new clients who don't like COMMITMENT!
If you've been thinking about trying Whole Life Coaching for yourself, but you shy away from the commitment of a coaching relationship, then this deal is for you!  For a very limited time, I am offering new clients (meaning we are not currently working on an individual basis) the deal of the year! 
Half Price SINGLE SESSIONS ($59) until the end of February! Schedule one, or schedule eight!  The choice is up to you!  But you must act now, this will not be repeated in 2008!                                                                               
Offer Expires: February 29, 2008
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