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I just have to laugh!  I mean, look at what is happening as this election draws near!  We are only eight short weeks away from electing a new President and the parties have stirred up enough controversy to last another decade! 
So here's my plan for this Fall.  I've decided to not spend anymore of my creative energy on what I don't want.  Moving forward, my goal is to only focus on the outcome I DO want to see in November.  No matter what your desired political outcome is, it behooves each of us to concentrate our creative energy on the outcome we want rather than the distraction of the outome we couldn't possibly imagine happening. 
Because this summer, I learned an essential lesson - that our lives are meant to be joyful.  It is a controversial statement perhaps, but it's been a fun hypothesis to test.  Studies show I'll be healthier for it too, so I plan to continue.  And if I get to the end and discover otherwise, at least I've had some deep belly laughs, and hopefully spread some joy along the way.
 Email me!  I'd love to hear about what's making you laugh these days.
Enjoy the bloom,  Stephanie  
"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus." - Alexander Graham Bell
your self:: 
The Space between Lemons and Lemonade
"The world blooms in consciousness." - Brian Swimme 
You know the saying, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade".  As a metaphor, it has helped many come to a place inside to deal with hardship.  I have seen proof of this in my work where I frequently experience resourceful clients turning tough lemons into sweetness.  And when one commits to making lemonade, an interesting transition occurs in the in-between state of no longer lemons and not yet lemonade.    THIS is the fruitful state of possibility, and it can be too delicious to miss.
your community::
-Because it isn't meant to be lonely at the top!
Bring your challenges, your successes and your BIG self 
 This group is for leaders throughout the US who want to: Business Success
  • increase personal and professional effectiveness
  • create more fulfillment at work and at home
  • increase confidence
  • incorporate more self-care


Once a month this group will focus on a woman-specific topic relating to the workplace and the process of work/life balance.  Every woman will have the opportunity to participate.  I want to hear from YOU!  Tell me what support means for you!  
Join us for a power-packed call from the comfort of your own office and turn your greatest challenges into wins! 

September: What's at stake? What are you willing to let go of and create in order to honor your stake as a leader?  Fall provides the perfect opportunity to clarify what is most important to you while taking the actions that will support those priorities. 
Benefit from other women on the leadership journey!    contact Stephanie...
Calls are from 9-10 PDT, 10-11 MDT, and 12-1 EDT every 4th Tuesday of month.  
your work::   POWER-UP™ and get more from each day  

Immerse each business day with:
  • a positive state of mind
  • a clearly stated intention
  • your core values!
Receive the benefits of a certified coach at a fraction of the cost!

Power UP call

The Power-up Call is $89/month for 2o weekday phone calls with a full 30-day
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Bloom from Within  
  september rainbow

Jack Johnson's, "All at Once"
I wanna take
The preconceived
Out from
Underneath your feet
We'll plant some seeds
We'll watch em' as they grow 
And with each new beat
From your heart
The roots grow deeper
Dare to take the preconceived out from underneath your feet and plant some new seeds!   The roots growing out of the fertile soil of possibility only encourage rainbows. - SYM
Enjoy the BLOOM,

Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC
The Whole Life Coach
growing leaders organically
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