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"When you make a difference with what you have - it expands."

- Lynne Twist

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Soul of Money

The Halloween candy disappeared just as the holiday marketing began.  Is it just me, or does this marketing assault happen earlier each year?

Last December, my family and I concluded that at this point in our lives we are rich in love and have all the material items we truly need to be content.  This discussion led to the decision to restructure our usual gift swap. We made a new commitment to gift one another (young ones excluded), with Seva, (say-va), a Sanskrit word for service. 

This November, as the holiday catalogs began to pile up in our recycling bin (I need to opt out again it seems), I began to wonder, what is the potential if we more of us committed to dedicating our time or financial means to a service to which we are intrinsically drawn?  What would it take to make that the norm in gift-giving, not only for the holidays, but year-round as well?

We would have to get past the first few rounds of uncomfortable feelings after not showing up with the expected $$ amount gift in-hand tied with ribbons and bows around pretty boxes.  But stop and consider the impact such a decision could have!

Talk about the reduction of wrapping resources alone! But seriously, in one month's time, service based action could revolutionize our communities, our neighborhoods, our schools, our workplaces and our global community.  Not to mention what it feels like in our hearts to give.

One small step creates HUGE impact.  The first step might just be to find your own answer to the question, "What if?"  Will YOU consider it?

Be the seed you wish to bloom,  Stephanie


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