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Holiday 2007




I hear many people refer to their stress levels rising during the holidays, and the push to "getting it all done".  There is no doubt that this time of the year seems to have the potential for much activity, and a higher propensity to feel harried.


After a long stretch of illness, I am happily entering right into the potential hustle and bustle of the season.  However, because of the time I uncharacteristically spent "sick", I was given the gift of much time for reflection - and for questioning my previous pace. 


What if we've been going about it all wrong?  Perhaps the innate drive within us this time of the year is in an effort to fulfill our mission as fellow beings and create ways of giving to one another in ways that really matter?  What might be possible for us all then?


Magically, Stephanie


in this juicy issue

Local Upcoming Whole Life Events

Gifts of the Soul


Upcoming Local Events


Dance Tribe - December 16th, 7-9 PM $10/person

Get a positive start to your week at the Center for Well Being in Lemont.  Come dance, sit, move and celebrate the wisdom of your body's unique rhythms. 


Musicians will guide you through the five rhythms (based on Gabrielle Roth's work) of Flowing, Staccato, Lyrical, Chaos and Stillness.  Enjoy this venue of no rules/no ego movement with the potential for loads of fun, stress release, and self-discovery!  Contact Stephanie for details.




Radical Transformations '08:

Unleash your full potential with two dynamic CTI-trained and Certified Life Coaches: Susan Seybert and Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC.

  • Who is it you are yearning to become?
  • What is the mark you want to make in the world?
  • Discover this and more by participating in a combination of workshops, teleclasses, one-on-one coaching and group support and make your goals a reality in 2008!

Free informational teleclass for interested participants in January! To sign up for the free call, contact Stephanie.


First workshop: January 26, 10-3 PM 


Hilton Garden Inn


Rt. 26 State College,PA 




In this season of sharing, I want to extend a HUGE  THANK YOU to all of the amazing, spectacular, phenomenal people with whom I have the honor of knowing and supporting through coaching.  May your inner light shine brightly this holiday and in the year ahead.


With gratitude,


Stephanie Yost Mentzell, CPCC
The Whole Life Coach

Gifts of the Soul

"It is an act of service to love yourself and to show love to others."

- Carolyn Myss


What, or whom, are you serving this holiday season with your gifts? 


What difference would it make if we would give of ourselves this season rather than another store bought gift?  


Check in with yourself about whom your store bought gift is serving really, and if you aren't sure, or if you are no longer connected to giving in this way, consider doing something that has soul - your specific version of soul!


There are so many people in your circle of contacts, friends and family who would love to have a gift of service this season.  Do you know any new parents who might need a night out?  Or a friend who could use a home cooked meal?  


And don't forget yourself!  The more energy you free up to do the things that hold meaning for you, the more you will have to give to those truly in need of your gifts.


For under-the-tree gift giving ideas, gift certificates for Whole Life Coaching are discounted below. 


Also check the Quick Links section below for soul-worthy gift giving ideas which can only add to your very own creative talents and ideas.



Quick Links

Whole Life Gift Certificates $100


SEVA FOUNDATION - Gifts with Purpose


AVI - Soulcraft Programs


Sample Coaching Sessions


WiNGs - Women's Networking Group


"When sleeping women wake, mountains move."  -Chinese Proverb





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