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Last weekend I retreated to the Omega Institute and spent approximately 12 hours over a 2-1/2 day period dancing with Gabrielle Roth and 92 other wonderful people to the invigorating, pulsating beat of drummers.

I was put back in touch with the wisdom of our body as a "cathedral of bones", and how this cathedral cannot help but tell the truth of our story as well as relay to us our unfolding destiny.

This body of yours is just "dying" (because let's face it - no one gets out of here alive!) for you to engage with it, learn from it, and enlighten it with what it is about to become.

This issue is dedicated to the wisdom of our body.

In wild abandon to the truth that each person contains within,


in this juicy issue
  • Your World
  • Core Strength
  • Solutions for the Season of Change
  • Space to MOVE

  • Core Strength
    yoga sunset

    In many of my workshops, I ask the participants, "Where in your body does your core strength live?" I am used to getting many blank looks when I ask that question. It requires getting out of the head (hint: it's not in there!) and into the body through the breath. After doing this, a new level of awareness appears in the room.

    Try this now: Close your eyes, take three deep slow breaths and sink into the center of your body. Notice what happens. You may notice that your perspective shifts (where is that center anyway?), your awareness increases, and voila! You are further along the path to discovering your core strength.

    If you don't know where your core strength resides, how could you ever be expected to access it and bring it out into the world?

    The answer to my opening question is accessible to every single one of us! No one is exempt due to gender, age, body type or disability. We all have a core that is power packed, alive, juicy and more than willing to clue us in. The location is different for everyone, but we all share the gift of being able to access it through the magnificent channel of never ending information, the body.

    Learn how to live from your core by taking part in a coaching circle, attending a free talk, or by creating a one-on-one relationship with Stephanie. Give yourself the gift that lasts a lifetime as you create the space to live in a way that mirrors who you really are at the core.

    This article was inspired by Gabrielle Roth and her revolutionary work with "The 5 Rhythms."

    Solutions for the Season of Change
    mountain garden rows

    Fall, the season of change, is just around the corner. It is the perfect time to succumb to the whispers or screams of change that have been either seducing or threatening you as of late (all depending on your perspective of course). No matter what path you are on, change can be daunting!

    Discover how to make a clear choice about what change you are willing to embrace, what promise it holds and how you are willing to engage with it.

    Informational talks will be held via telephone on September 20th and 25th at 7 PM EST, and in person on September 27th at Nature's Pantry Natural Foods in State College PA. Sign up now for one of these free solutions.

    Space to MOVE
    woman leaping on beach

    Are you all too familiar with the "blahs"? For those of you who are not, they are moments or days when you feel emotionally stagnant, physically unaware or depressed. One of the most effective ways to move the blahs to another stratosphere is to get up and move your physical body.

    Try this the next time you experience that non-feeling state: Drag yourself to the nearest CD player and play a piece of music that inspires you. Cuban, African, Rock and Roll, Classical - it doesn't matter. It just needs to inspire you.

    What wants to move? Trust the wisdom of what unfolds. Put your head on the proverbial shelf and feel into your feet. Feel where and how they touch the earth. Exaggerate your feelings of stuckness. Where do you experience the blahs in your body? Let your feet direct the movement in your knees, feel your hips move from your feet, your chest, your hands, and only then invite your head to the dance. After movement, space is created, things open that were once closed, and you have re-entered the only home you can truly call your own.

    Now, move about your day and notice what feelings arise, keeping the question alive: "What does it mean to live from this body?"

    This is not a thinking question. Come from your core and move, and then sit down and write what you discover. Happy reuniting with the power that is YOU!

    Stephanie's clients are saying:"You are incredibly insightful and powerful. I love your questions and how you go after it in people, pull them out, and make them look at it." - Katrina, PA

    Your World
    Whole Life Coach image

    "I feel compelled to say, you are changing the world Stephanie. I know you have changed mine. With immense gratitude, Carol" - CO

    What would your world look like if you were to live your truth more fully? Think about this seriously, as living out this question may quite possibly be our only true earthly duty.

    "I've learned to speak my truth! Your 4 classes were worth more than 4 months of therapy - 10+!!" - Multi-media Artist, PA

    Think about what freedom would add to your ability to:

    • CREATE
    • LEARN
    • PLAY
    All the while, contributing to the freedom of others by making your genuine contribution to society. What in you is crying for more freedom?

    Do you feel that you already have no time? Then, find out how to get the time to do what really matters to you! If this work speaks to you, trust that, and sign up for one of the informational talks to the left, or:

    Schedule a "Move it Forward" coaching session one-on-one with Stephanie. After this powerful session, you'll leave with:

    • a written version of your personal and/or professional vision;
    • new truth about what you face in getting there;
    • compelling inspiration to act in a way that creates success
    • a personal knowledge of what freedom is for you!

    "You are a truly insightful, caring, intuitive and MAGNIFICENT coach; asking just the right questions at the right time, really making me look inside, finding and getting closer to the truer version of myself." - Joanie, PA

    Look! This is your world in which you were meant to be free! Only you can be held responsible for making that happen... or not.

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