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Steamy August greetings to you!

Recently, while hiking with my favorite furry companion on one of the local trails in Pennsylvania, I was struck with the amount and variety of wild mushrooms that decorated the border of the path. I witnessed red, orange, yellow, white, dark & light brown and what I'd describe as fire-colored mushrooms, in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

As I walked in gratitude for such a visual treat, I realized that it was the diversity of the mushrooms that held my interest. It's like that in my work as well. The diversity of each extraordinary person with whom I coach is what makes my work so interesting and fulfilling. It is my great fortune that I am able to witness each individual's full splendor as they create the unique shape of their one, BIG juicy life.

It is in this issue of Fresh Juice I'm here to celebrate the splendor and wisom of shape--the many shapes that are created as we go about the stages and moments of our lives. Go ahead and open to your most authentic shape. Perhaps you'll find that it's the shape you're already inhabiting!

Here's to living on purpose, Stephanie

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  • Shape Shifter
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  • Shape Shifter

    "Just as in the depth of the ocean, the tide turns long before you see it on the surface of the water." -Lynne Twist

    "I want to get into shape." This is a statement I frequently hear from my clients which is usually followed by a declarative, "NOW!"

    Getting into fit shape is one of the most frequent first goals for coaching clients. Coaching is extremely effective at reaching such goals, because it addresses the root of the desire rather than just the goal itself.

    One angle not typically reflected upon when thinking about getting into shape, however, is first looking at the shape you're in now. You can take this to mean physical athletic ability, cardiovascular, or weight-lifting shape. You can also look with a softer gaze, and simply notice what form your shape takes when you add love or fear to any moment.

    What creates our bodily shapes anyway? Notice the expansiveness that is created when you are feeling good about your life, when love is flowing through you unimpeded and you are effortlessly sharing your gifts with those around you. Notice, too, what happens when you introduce fear, doubt, or shame to any situation. There is a contraction, a gripping, a "smaller" shape that naturally arises which can be felt if you pay attention.

    Before continuing any further, I would like to acknowledge that women are told time and time again to "be small", to "take up as little space as possible". After a majority of our lives have been comprised of hearing and at some level, internalizing, those messages, it may be difficult to read "expand" and "be as BIG as you dare to be". I encourage you to sit with the discord those words may provoke within you and ask yourself, "What's at risk of my playing it small in my life?"

    You can start opening to the more expansive, "bigger" version of you now! Feel what shape you take in your muscles, your emotions and in your life choices when you are coming from a place of self-acceptance. Or notice how fear constrains the bright expansiveness of the moment. Take note of your shape now, incorporating the new notion that the shape of your emotions and your mind are forces that can change the shape of your body.

    It can also help to look at how your current shape serves you. Perhaps it provides softness where you're hard on yourself? Or cushioning from a harsh environment? Perhaps it reflects your tendency to find the harder angle in any given situation? Or you might embody your ease (or lack thereof) of movement through the world. It can be effective to keep the focus on what shape would facilitate the way in which you want to live.

    Appreciating the shape that you embody can be a liberating event. The good news is that within each moment we have the abilty to shape-shift by choosing which message we will tell ourselves or let in from others. Will we hear those of love and support or fear and loathing? You choose - your shape may depend on it!

    Send your comments/questions to the Whole Life Coach via email.

    Truth-Telling Circles for Women

    Are you ready to start your own revolution? How about some truth telling to get things rolling? Treat yourself to three extended sessions a month to discover who you are in the company of other strong women, without the layers of guilt, shame, or one more day of fitting into a version of yourself that others have encouraged you to create. You deserve your truth - don't miss out on this cocktail of insight and belly laughs. The truth CAN set you free!

    This month's focus is on a new model of intimacy. Offered locally as well as in a telegroup format. To register or for more details, send an email to Stephanie, and get your truth working for you!

    Upcoming Events

    • What is Whole Life Coaching and what can it do for you? Free public talks, 7 pm, Nature's Pantry, State College, PA, August 10 and September 7, 2006
    • Whole Life: Integrating the Masculine and Feminine Within:A full-day workshop co-lead by The Whole Life Coach, Stephanie Yost Mentzell and Certified Life Coach, John Bellanti, D.Ed.

    Space to Breathe
    window by the sea

    Space to Breathe is the monthly section of inquiries designed to use when journaling, dreaming, or when you just plain have a minute to yourself. It is designed to give you a springboard for self- discovery.

    Check in on a daily basis, and take note of your body, mind and emotional shape daily for one week. Notice who you are in motion and who you are when the motion stops. Is your focus on your body shape keeping you small by distracting you from a bigger issue? What might be possible for you with a shift in focus to a fit mind and heart?

    "What story does my current shape tell about me and how I live my life? How do I compromise or support what is important to me?"

    Coaching Scholarship Program
    Whole life coaching is committed to supporting those individuals who are ready to make a difference in their lives as well as in the lives of those around them. To support this commitment, Stephanie donates a percentage of her time to partnering pro bono with those who would be otherwise unable to participate in coaching. If you are a revolutionary without the financial means to realizing your full potential, you may be eligible to participate in this program. Scholarships granted by application.

    *If you are a coach committed to global change and you believe in providing the opportunity for all who want to participate in such a revolution regardless of financial status, you are invited to contact Stephanie in order to be added to a list of coaching professionals willing to coach qualified individuals at a greatly reduced or pro bono rate.

    Take Revolutionary Action
    Whole Life Coach image

    "Our everyday life is where the revolution unfolds." -Kalle Lasn, Culture Jam

    It's time for revolutionary action. The earth is calling for it, our government, social and educational systems are calling for it. How does this affect you? To what injustice or inequality are you drawn? The first step is to realize that you have the power to start a revolution within yourself, your family, your workplace, your community and even the world. You only need to start by listening deeply to what is calling to you. But you need to start.

    The American Heritage Dictionary defines a revolution as "a sudden or momentous change in a situation". What situation is calling for momentous change in your life? Partner with the Whole Life Coach on an individual basis, or join this month's Truth-Telling Circle with a fabulous group of like-minded women and find out!

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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