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Group Coaching

There’s nothing like the power of a group to facilitate learning. Whole Life Group Coaching gives you a place to experiment with different ways of being and doing while being supported in a positive atmosphere. A group provides the support of hiring a coach and the camaraderie of others also on the quest. It’s also an excellent way to get coaching at a fraction of the price!

”The progress I’ve made as a result of this class is significant. I’m feeling stronger, more powerful, more in charge, can just TASTE my goal/idea.”
– Virginia B., Mother and new Entrepreneur

Read more testimonials on my Client Testimonials page.

Typically, groups consist of four to six 90-minute group calls (why “calls?”); an individual 45-minute call at the midpoint; and lots of juicy exercises to deepen your experience and keep you in action in between sessions. Take a step toward your personal empowerment and professional fulfillment and claim your one, BIG, juicy life!

“I love the opportunity this class provided. I have become more aware of myself, and less fearful of what others think of that self. I feel strong in that knowledge and excited to explore it further.”
– G.B., State College, PA

The following tele-classes and workshops are now forming at the request of individuals, groups and organizations:

Professional and Personal Effectiveness This group is structured to support you on your search for whole life fulfillment, focusing on achieving a work/life balance that works for you.

The Hero/Heroine’s Journey: The Nature of Change This group is for men and women dealing with transition in their lives, and is based on the progression of the mythical journey of the Hero with a Thousand Faces, the classic book by Joseph Campbell.

From MOM to WOW: Turning Moms’ Lives Upside Down! This group is intended for the contemporary mother who is ready to start a revolution – in her self, in her family and in her community.

~One day workshops and speaking engagements are also available and are tailored to fit your specific group needs.~

You may enroll or inquire about enrolling in any of the above tele-classes by contacting Stephanie. A waitlist is currently available for all groups.

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“Stephanie is a fantastic facilitator who knows when to push and when to pull back.”
– V. Belser, Pine Grove Mills, PA