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from MOM to WOW!
Fall 2006
(Formerly entitled, “ Moms in Transition”)

I’m excited to announce that I’ve added to the original format of Moms in Transition and there is now an extra two weeks, an individual coaching session at the midpoint, and a DAYTIME series in addition to the regular EVENING series. These next sessions begin in October, and each session is two hours. You may miss one session in the series – after that, you must schedule an individual 30-minute session with Stephanie to help you get back up to speed. The cost for this session is $50. Most sessions are held at the Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health, 301 Shiloh Road, State College, PA. The day sessions on Oct. 18 & Nov. 15 will be held on the 2 nd floor of the Lemont House on Pike Street in Lemont.

Evening Series
October 5 @ 7pm – 9pm
October 19 @ 7pm – 9pm
November 2 @ 7pm – 9pm
November 16 @ 7pm – 9pm
November 30 @ 7pm – 9pm
December 14 @ 7pm – 9pm

Daytime Series
October 4 @ 9:30am - 11:30am
October 18 @ 9:30am - 11:30am
November 1 @ 9:30am - 11:30am
November 15 @ 9:30am - 11:30am
November 29 @ 9:30am - 11:30am
December 13 @ 9:30am - 11:30am

from MOM to WOW! … turning mom’s lives upside down
Created by the Whole Life Coach, this six-session workshop is designed to help you create or support your vision for your one BIG juicy life and get into action while freeing you from what holds you back along the way.

what is from MOM to WOW! ?
It’s a place where you can speak your truth, discover who you are in the grandest sense, dream BIG without judgment, claim your life both as a woman a mother and a partner and find ways to finally achieving the balance in your life you’ve been seeking. But it’s not for the faint of heart. Here, you’ll be challenged to leap into your vision for your life. You’ll be encouraged to stretch beyond your comfort zone. And you’ll receive all the support and tools you need to do it.

how does it work/What does it cost?
from MOM to WOW! consists of six group meetings over the course of three months and an individual 45-minute call with Stephanie at the midpoint. Plus, you’ll get lots of home “play” to deepen your experience and keep you in action in between sessions. The fee for the entire series is $245 and if you bring two friends to join you, your fee is only $150 for the entire package.

what is my risk in participating?
Since I provide a 100% money back guarantee, there is no financial risk. After the first class, if you do not feel this is a group for you, I will provide a full refund at your request. If after a few or all of the sessions and you have been fully showing up to the group (meaning you are willing to stretch and do the home “play”) and then do not receive equal or greater value from participating in the class, I will issue a refund to you upon your request. What is at risk, however, is your current way of thinking and the current way that you operate and take action in your life. That is the only risk that you take when registering for this group and hopefully, it’s why you’ve joined.

what will we be doing?
The overarching focus of from MOM to WOW! is to move you forward toward your dreams. Of course, each group also has unique needs and goals, and so the content will be tailored based on a questionnaire sent to the participants ahead of time. Each session within the program will tackle the group’s unique goals, maintain the overarching focus and incorporate what is happening for each of you right NOW.

what’s the advantage of group coaching?
Working with the same people over an extended period of time allows you to capture additional learning from the discoveries your fellow MOM to WOW’ers are making. There is also an added sense of accountability, in that you will be holding each other accountable for the commitments you make to yourselves.

I am fully committed to you and your goals and am happy to answer any questions you have prior to making a commitment. Registration ends on September 29, so please decide by then if you are ready to enter into the next phase of your one, BIG juicy life. Your fee will be due at the first session.


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