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Individual Coaching Clients:

“Coaching with Stephanie was very effective. It was a great return on investment. I found the whole process very rewarding and well worth my time. It contributed to me being more productive, and more focused. She helped me realize I know my answers. She led me to the person I want to be - can be, by setting specific goals – my goals – and holding me to them. She is a good listener and gets down to the heart of things.” – Albert M., Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch

“Stephanie, at risk of sounding like a broken record...Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping facilitate my second adulthood!” – T. C., Counselor, PA

“Stephanie, thanks again for the great coaching this morning. Your coaching is right up there on my "favorite things to do" list alongside with getting a massage, playing my guitar, and of course a long hot bath!” – Alicia M, Redwood City, CA.

“I truly feel held by you. Your ability to extend a shelter of caring support is indeed, really powerful. You held me when I was leaving my relationship and transitioning and I really felt your strength. I consider you an "elder", one of the few initiated adults I know.” Carol, Santa Cruz, CA

“I thought you should know (in case you hadn't heard in a while) that you are making progress on your revolution. My life is changing in such wonderful and rich ways that it is spreading out now beyond me too. You are changing the world Stephanie. Your commitment to do so is working. I love being part of your revolution!” Carol B, Boulder CO

“You are such an awesome Being, and the work you are doing is profound. You have so many strengths to offer that I have benefited from: Silent witness, fierce holding, loving perception, hard-earned wisdom, courageous "pushing", staying true to what you know, supportive encouragement, generosity with your time... and so on." Carol, State College, PA

“I was truly bereft when I met you. Therapy, spiritual counseling, self-help books, body work....all my usual resources.....were not moving me from the most stuck place I'd ever experienced. Your coaching helped me move past the deepest blocks to my progress: fear of acknowledging and acting on my personal truth. For the first time in my life I was hearing a genuine invitation to seek my deepest needs and desires. You encouraged me to acknowledge my truth and then supported me while I acted on it. Extremely validating to who I truly am and what I uniquely have to offer. You helped me take full responsibility for how I my life goes from here to the end.”
Deep Respect, Non-Profit Director, CO

“Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals and to start living life to the fullest! My words cannot say enough.” -Annette, PA

“Your support is a vital piece of why I am able to show up for myself. Your natural gifts of showing loving kindness have helped inspire me to be courageous, compassionate and tender with myself. Thank you, Stephanie for choosing to be a part of my life. You have helped me make a difference in the world.” – A.M, Professional Coach, CA

“Thanks for all of the work that you do. I am growing so much through your coaching and guidance!” -Dana M, Associate Professor, Penn State University

“I finally feel as if I had reached the top of the mountain that I have been climbing this past year. I'm standing at the top with my arm's stretched wide, looking all around me at the expansive future. I see only big things and nothing in my way. I see other mountains and I can't wait to climb the top of all of them. Thank you for all of your support.” -Kathy, State College, PA

“Had you described the process in the beginning, it would have been unimaginable. My life is so amazing and it’s all been in me all along!” – Kathleen, SC PA

“Thanks so much for your support and your encouragement, and your occasional “bullying”. You have a gift. 'twas money well spent.” – Alexa, MA

“You are amazing Stephanie. I had no idea what you we were going to do today, yet I am taking away a newfound feeling of leadership for myself.” – T. Lange, MI

“Thank you! My life is on a new path, once shrouded in mist with lots of obstacles, the path is now open, sunny and limitless. Wow! What changes! Thanks for walking the path with me.”- Sue S., Port Matilda, PA

“This was a phenomenal experience, leading me to grow, dream big, and recognize that I am in charge of my destiny.” – RA, State College, PA

"Stephanie will help you define and refine your goals, prod you onward, all within an encouraging environment. If you enter the process with an open mind and willingly allow Stephanie to guide you, you will discover much about yourself and better define your path in life. – Recently Retired professional

“Now I want to share with others the joy that comes from a full, well-lived life based on my passions. If everyone in the world felt this way there would be no wars, no starving people, and no injustice.” – R.Anderson, Penn State University

Feedback from individuals who wish to remain Anonymous:

“Coaching has taken the drama out of things. I used to be ruffled pretty easily, but my confidence in my ability to be genuine has greatly improved. Other’s opinions of what I’ve done as right or wrong don’t have the impact they used to have.” – Jan 09 (indiv.client)

“I’ve learned about integrity. If it’s true for me it’s not about right or wrong.” –Jan 09 (indiv.client)

“I want more! What I notice is how much better I am feeling and how much more positive things seem. I know it’s only the tip of the iceberg, and I want to keep learning.” – Jan.09 (indiv. client)

“I can’t think of anything more valuable or important than learning how to take care of myself. This was definitely a great and efficient way to get on that path. I give it a 10!” - Feb. 09

“I learned to trust in my answers. Trust in myself and trust in my gut – to just go with it.” – Feb. 09

“I appreciated, (in hindsight!), that I was not allowed to fudge my way through our conversations; you kept me on task, and pushed me when I needed it and wouldn’t allow my discomfort to dissuade you. I also very much appreciated the sustained pauses for reflection, rather than filling in the empty air time with chatter for chatter’s sake. This has helped me realize that reflection is important and I need to respect it.” – April 09

Workshops/Group Coaching:

"I love the opportunity this class provided. I have become more aware of myself, and less fearful of what others think of that self. I feel strong in that knowledge and excited to explore it further." – B.B. State College, PA

"The progress I've made as a result of this class is significant. I'm feeling stronger, more powerful, more in charge, can just TASTE my goal." –Virginia B., mother and artist

"I've come further on my path of becoming me- discovering me."- Liz C., Midwife, State College, PA

"I learned not to be afraid to take up space and to listen to myself." - Anonymous

"I learned the power to believe in myself...and be me...to ditch the negative voices. I'm
psyched! Bring life on!" – B.B, Mother and Business Professional

"You have an amazing gift – you are a model for authenticity." -Kelly K., Yoga Instructor & Mother

"Stephanie is a fantastic facilitator who knows when to push and when to pull
back." – V.B. State College, PA

“This has been an amazing, life altering experience for me – the best thing I have chosen to do for myself in a very long time.” - Anonymous

“You are incredibly insightful and powerful. I love your questions and how you go after it in people, pull them out, and make them look at it.” – Katrina K., Mother and Speech Therapist, Warriors Mark, PA

“The progress I’ve made is huge! Taking care of myself is now a priority. I have much more control over my life than I’d realized!” -Teri C., Mother and AIDS counselor, State College, PA

“You are a truly insightful, caring, intuitive and MAGNIFICENT coach; asking just the right questions at the right time, really making me look inside, finding and getting closer to the truer version of myself.” -– Joanie Y., Personal Life Coach and Mother of Three

“I miss our group, but found that even in its shortness it has provided me with a new outlook, a feeling of more purposefulness and strength.” – Anonymous, 1/20/06

“I’ve learned to speak my truth –Your four classes were worth more than four months of therapy -10+!!.” –Multi-media Artist, State College, PA

“I feel like a totally different person. I never would have imagined that four weeks could have such an impact on my life. I am now taking control and not waiting around for change to take place.” Jennifer R., PA

“I’m living from a standpoint of greater clarity. My goals are well defined, and I look at each day as a gift.” – Jennifer H., Reiki Practitioner and mother of two, PA Furnace, PA

“Great experience – definitely a 10!” – Carol B., Art Gallery Director, State College, PA

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