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Whole Life Solutions for Whole People

I specialize in partnering with powerful people who are ready to start a revolution in their own lives as well as in the world.

Whole Life Coaching evolved from my being:

  • A leader in Human Resources for a successful, employee-centered, woman owned and operated business;

  • A group facilitator, advocate and trainer for a high profile Domestic Violence Shelter;

  • A Certified Birth Doula and birth activist; and most importantly,

  • A Mother who practices (with strong emphasis on the word ‘practice’) the art of allowing an individual to emerge from a child.

I am experienced and skilled at empowering individuals to overcome their own limiting beliefs thus creating a bigger version of themselves in the workplace, at home, and in their whole lives.

Since we are each multi-faceted beings, it is essential to bring your whole life into the coaching relationship. You are more than just your profession (or lack of one).

I’ve come further on the path of becoming me, discovering me.”
– Liz Crossen, Mother and Student

The Whole Life Coach Manifesto:

Each of us has the privilege as well as the duty to express our essential selves. When you live the whole life you were meant to live, it touches everyone around you. You claim your place in this world, playing it BIG. It is then your very presence that grants others the permission to do the same. There is no limit to your greatness: there is ample room for each of us to be as BIG as we choose to become – in our work, in our family, in our community, in our WHOLE LIFE.

How BIG are you living currently? How BIG are you willing to let yourself be?

”I learned not to be afraid to take up space and listen to myself.”
– G.B., State College, PA

My passion for this work stems from seeing what is possible with clear intention. It also is grounded in my deeply held belief that peace is only possible on this planet if we each express our essential selves. YOU can change the world! It is my personal mission to liberate individuals, one-by-one from their own constraints, so they may create their most expansive expression in the world.

If you are serious about claiming your whole life, but want to take a test drive first, schedule a complimentary consultation with the Whole Life Coach.

“Stephanie, at risk of sounding like a broken record…Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping facilitate my second adulthood.”
– Teri C., State College, PA

Stephanie is affiliated as a Coach with the following organizations:

Stephanie is an International Coach Federation Member.
Stephanie is the Founder of GumTree Growth.
Stephanie is Certified as a Professional Co-Active Coach with The Coaches Training Institute
Stephanie is the Founder of WiNGs, Women's Networking Group
Stephanie is an Associate with Oak Tree Coaching

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"Thank you so much
for helping me achieve my goals and to start living life to the
fullest! My words cannot say enough."
- Annette, PA



”You helped me realize I know my answers. You led me to the person I want to be, can be, by setting specific goals, my goals, and holding me to them. You are a good listener and you get down to the heart of things.”
– Al Masood, Father and Business Professional




“I feel like a totally different person. I never would have imagined that four weeks could have such an impact on my life. I am now taking control and not waiting around for change to take place.”
– Jennifer H., State College, PA




“This has been an amazing, life-altering experience for me – the best thing I have chosen to do for myself in a very long time.”
– T. C., after 4 weeks of Whole Life Coaching