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  • Ready to stop living by everyone else's rules?
  • Willing to uncover your truth?
  • Able to expand into a BIG fabulous, purposeful life?

“Put your ear down next to your soul and listen hard.”
- Anne Sexton

Coaching with the Whole Life Coach will:

  1. Connect you, unselfishly, to your unique expression in life.
  2. Plan for and encourage your dreams with goals that will add zest to your life, now and in the future, while granting permission to those around you to do the same!
  3. Help you discover your inner wild territory – where magic can happen – and does!
  4. Give you the tools to wake up each day excited about the life you have created.
  5. Provide you with the unbiased support necessary as you step into whatever BIG juicy life you have the courage to claim!

These are events worthy of grand celebration!
(And that too, is a part of coaching.)

"Your support is a vital piece of why I am able to show up for myself. Your natural gifts of showing loving kindness have helped inspire me to be courageous, compassionate and tender with myself. Thank you Stephanie for choosing to be a part of my life. You have helped me make a difference in the world."

– Alicia M, The Human Element, CA






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“Stephanie has an amazing gift. She is a model for authenticity.”
– Kelly K., Yoga Instructor and Mother